It is safe to say that Monday is not anyone’s favourite day of the week. Countless memes continue to make out Monday to be this dreaded day that one must sit through week after week. But here’s the thing – that means you are becoming the audience of your own life. Mondays can be just like the other six days. In other words, you don’t have to spend the last few golden hours of a weekend antagonizing a day that has not even started.


Change the way you think about Mondays

When you are stuck in a boring job, fantasizing about the weekend makes things easier, at least for a while. From checking out that new pizzeria down the block with your friend to finishing a book that was left midway last year – we happily delude ourselves into thinking we can do it all. But when the weekend finally comes along, something or the other pops up and we barely touch upon these wonderful things we planned to do. So, what happens when we fall into such a pattern? We compromise and do not follow through with our plans all week but continue with the daydreaming. Work Mondays are no more boring than work Tuesdays. It is just the ideas we have created for certain days of the week that contribute to this ill-feeling towards them.

Visualize your dream Monday


Take a break from dreaming up all sorts of magical scenarios for your dream weekend. This time around, do the same – but with Monday. For some people, a dream Monday would be one where they get a good night’s sleep after a sumptuous dinner. For others, it may consist of being able to spend more time with nature. Once you have visualized what it would look and feel like to have a better, if not great, Sunday, it is time to work towards it.

Taking the above examples forward, you can look up meal prep videos and learn how to plan a meal or two ahead in time. This way, you can whip up a nutritious meal right at home after work. You will be able to get to bed earlier too. You can look for little pockets of time in your schedule that allow you to step out and admire the blues skies and lush trees. Make it a point to put your phone aside during commute to look outside the window. It is these little things that go on to make all the difference.


Blue light and blue ticks


Phones and social media applications are declared to be the bad guys in every other lifestyle based article. And we are afraid this one is no exception, either. Using phones in the hour before you go to sleep has been linked with sleep problems time and again. It leads to difficulty in gently drifting off into the land of dreams, as our mind keeps going back to some Twitter thread, Instagram post or Whatsapp group. Avoiding prolonged usage of phones during and after dinner can help you get a good night’s sleep.

But there’s another benefit to this. When we become conscious about how we use these apps, and our phones in general, we allow ourselves to look for content that motivates us and builds us up. Mondays seem to be spiritless enough already without you going through post after post saying the same. Make sure you hit that unsubscribe button whenever you come across discouraging content or inputs – because you know better.


There is a lot that goes into a Monday routine to make us dread it just upon its mere mention. Which means that Monday routine is a term that includes not only what we do around and on Mondays but also what we think. The secret is to let ourselves experience little moments of joy throughout the week and not just on Saturdays and Sundays. Hence, some form of discipline is needed. By doing so, we see that Mondays are truly not that bad.