In this digital world, the media room is rightly the heart of your home. It is where you can unwind after a long day of work and get the daily dose of your favorite shows. It is also the room where you can entertain your friends or catch some late-night movies with your family.

Whether it is a separate room or a part of your living room, it makes sense to design it with utmost love. Let’s look at some ideas to give a stylish spin to your media room decor.


Before you get going, think about what would you like to have in your media room. You may want to invest in a good TV if you and your family are TV buffs. If you like playing videogames, it makes sense to account for additional equipment. Some people are great fans of music and have an envious music library. If you are one of them, you may think about buying some good speakers or even better, a surround sound system. It is not necessary to buy them all at once. Instead, you can buy them at your pace. However, this simple activity will help in accounting for extra wiring and space when you design the room layout.


One thing that is a must in a media room is ample and comfortable seating. It becomes all the more crucial if you have a large family. Depending upon your taste, you can add extra seating like bean bags, lounger chaise or recliners. Get a side-chair or poufs to entertain guests in the media room. They can be easily pushed in a corner or under the coffee table. You can also think about low-seating for added convenience. Also, throw in lots of cushions, blankets or throws to make the tv-viewing time an enjoyable experience. You can put a chest of drawers or a basket to put all the extra stuff. It will not only make your room clutter-free but also enhance the look of your room.


With your family spending most of their time in the media room, it is bound to get messy. To partly resolve this problem, you may think of investing in intelligent storage solutions. For instance, there are several options for mounting your TV and hiding the dangling cables. You can either opt for a wooden TV unit or a sleek frame to fit your TV into. Another interesting option is to hide your TV inside a Credenza table. Apart from this, you may consider a trunk or another storage space to place your magazines, CDs, remotes, etc. If you are designing your media room from scratch, you can even consider built-in storage space for such items.


To give a stylish spin to your media room, paint it in dark colors. It will enhance your movie-watching experience and give you the vibe of a movie theatre. You can balance the colors by adding pops of colors. For instance, if you choose a dark blue shade for your walls, you can go for a yellow couch in the room. You can also add the right colors through cushions, curtains, and plants.


Who says the media room has to be drab? There are several ways to add character to your media room. You can choose quirky accents or artwork to make it more fun. You can make it a multi-purpose room, and club it with your study or library. In that case, you can add a bookcase to stack your books. You can enhance the look of your bookcase with quirky bookends and statement accent items. Add lamp shades to get the right lighting for your reading sessions. If don’t have enough space, you can get wall sconces. Another great idea is to add a jukebox or funky lights to create a retro feel.


If you have children in the house, the media room can inadvertently become your playroom. Try to make the room as kid-friendly as possible. Avoid sharp edges and go for furniture that has rounded corners. You can pick up a fun wallpaper, artwork and a day bed to make the space ideal for kids.