Do you find yourself sleepless at night worried about the next day at work? Are you unable to focus on anything because your work has been driving you crazy? Well, you are not alone. Most of the working professionals go through this phase at least once in their lifetime.

Whether it a demanding manager or a low salary, it is crucial to contain stress at the right time. Continued stress can leave you overwhelmed and impact your mental and physical health.

Here is what you can do to alleviate your tension and enjoy the other aspects of your life.


Set your boundaries

Ever since emails have become accessible on phones, people find themselves under pressure to be available 24 hours. If you feel it is getting too much, and you can’t control the urge to look at every email, it is time to establish certain boundaries for yourself. Try to switch off from your work when you leave the office premises. It will help in maintaining a healthy work-life balance and reducing your stress.


Take a break

If you feel the work is getting too much and you can’t focus on anything, it may be the time to go on a holiday. It could be an extended weekend getaway or a long trip to Europe. Such breaks can rejuvenate your mind and recharge your body to hit work with a renewed outlook. Try to do it every once in awhile to focus on other things in your life. If it does not seem possible, go for a night out with your friends. Meeting your friends can be the best de-stressor and take your mind off work.


Get some exercise

A work out is the best remedy to uplift your mood when you are feeling beat. It has been scientifically proven that even ten minutes of moderate aerobic exercise can release feel-good hormones in your body. These chemicals can relieve your stress. Moreover, there is nothing like a run in the lap of nature to invigorate that stressed mind and body. If that is not possible, try to go for a walk during the lunch hour. It will help in taking your mind off work for some time.


Talk to your manager

Organizations are becoming increasingly sensitive to the mental health of their employees. Most companies are launching sensitization programs and wellness initiatives to help their employees. Besides, there are good chances that your manager is not aware of the stress that you are going through. Try to have an open conversation and instead of complaining, suggest a few ways to reduce your workload. For instance, if you think you are burdened with unnecessary manual work, you can seek help from your peers for equal division of work.


Seek help

We are living in times where we are surrounded by various stressors. Whether it is to live an instagrammable life, being miss perfectionist or holding everything together; it is natural to feel low at times. However, if you feel that the cloud of anxiety or depression is getting too difficult to handle, you can seek professional help.

These professionals are trained to help you identify the problem areas and behavioral issues. They may help you with techniques to handle your stress in a better way. At times, it also helps to pour out your heart to a neutral person who won’t judge you. If you have a mental barrier about approaching them, it is time to cross it over for your benefit.


Take a deep breath and relax

Lastly, try to keep all interruptions at bay and make time for yourself in a day. Switch off your phone and do what relaxes your mind. It may take some time to figure out what works best for you. It could be mindful meditation, slow and deep breathing or simply listening to music. Try to do it even on the good days so that it becomes a habit.