Isn’t Mother Nature simply marvellous? Don’t you find it magical when lush green woods, colourful flowers and streams of water come together in complete harmony? The thought itself may take the worries off your head and instil a sense of calmness.

Being in the lap of nature can give you a lot of benefits. Several scientific studies have proved that it can lower your blood pressure, reduce your anxiety and improve your concentration. You may argue that your work or responsibilities do not allow you to take time out for such getaways. Well, what if I asked you to do it the other way round? Instead of going to nature, you can very well bring it to your own house. The best part is that you won’t have to break your bank to do this. Here are a few simple ways to add little doses of nature to your abode.

Indoor plants

This is the easiest way to bring the freshness of greens inside your home. Several plants do not need direct sunlight and grow well in shade. You can unleash your bohemian side and decorate with as many plants as you can. If space allows you, go in for veggies and herbs as well. There is something about harvesting fresh produce and following a healthier lifestyle. A few plants like humidity and can be put inside your bathrooms to give you the feeling of a spa. Succulents are a great option if you need something low-maintenance.

Natural materials

This strategy can make your house stand out if you choose the products wisely. Try to bring in as many natural elements that you can. For instance, you can opt for wooden, bamboo or cork floorings. Another option is to recycle tea trunks to make centre tables. You can use natural stone inside your washrooms for washbasins and walls.

Natural Light – There is nothing better than sunlight to light up your rooms. It will not only kill harmful bacteria but also spread positivity. It is understandable that all houses may not allow you to explore this option. However, make use of every single window in the house. You can use wooden shutters or shades to make it more natural. Another option is to use sheer curtains to maintain your privacy and yet allow the sunlight to seep inside.

Natural textured elements

Try to include as many natural textures as you can. This aspect is often overlooked but can make a whole lot of difference in the interiors of your home. For instance, do away with plastic baskets and opt for jute, seagrass or wicker baskets. You can opt for textured wallpapers and rattan chairs. Another option is to use natural wood panelling to make your house cosier. Simple accent items like cushions, rugs and planters can also make a lot of difference and you can choose burlap for a more rustic look.

Earthy tones

Go in for neutral tones like browns, blues, whites and greens on the walls. However, there is no need to restrict yourself to neutral colours. You can opt for brick-red colour or beautiful tones of turquoise to give a more natural feel to your interiors. The other hues that you can explore are mocha, beige, grey and sage green.


This is my most favourite trick to get a few glimpses of nature from the comfort of my home. Have a skylight in your bedroom to let nature come to you. You can lie on your bed and marvel at the twinkling stars at night. Won’t it be just perfect?

Tropical prints

Tropical prints are the current rage and can be the perfect addition to your nature-inspired home. Choose tropical fabrics for your bed-sheets, cushions or furniture upholstery. You can go for loud or subtle colours to suit your taste.