Deck Your Garden

Our home says a lot about us. Doesn’t it? The way we decorate our home and garden is no longer limited to matching our curtains with our furniture. For the modern woman, home and garden decor are equivalent to making a political and personal statement.

Many of us believe in the idea that our gardens are a big part or an extension of our personality. From choosing plants to hedging, from decoration to decking, each part and element of your garden tells the world who you are.

Our list of decking ideas for your gardens can help you select a type that matches your personality and expresses your opinions. Read on and satisfy your curiosity.

Sloped Decking

Sloped decking is rare, which is why this phenomenon is attractive and exciting. Although difficult to install, a sloped deck makes your garden look interesting. The raised wooden platform provides your plants ample breathing room. In addition to the above, a sloped deck also provides you a lot of privacy.

Decking Lights

If you have a limited budget, invest in decking lights that you can control.

Decking lights provide your decking area and garden with a romantic haze, making it the ideal place to share a meal with your “someone special”. You may also want to invest in solar garden lights, thus saving power and money.

Circular and Curved Decks

Most people opt for sharp-edged decking styles, but if you want your garden to stand-out, installing circular and curved decking may just do the job.

Curved or circular decking provides smooth exits, entrances, and divisions in your garden. In addition to making your garden look particularly smooth, circular and curved decks also allow you to plant a garden that can give your yard a sophisticated look.

Dark Wood Decks

Looking to renovate your garden and making your home look welcoming at the same time? Invest in installing dark wood decks outside in your yard.

If you already have light wood decks, you would only need to repaint them to look darker or place patches to make your garden look cozy and rugged at the same time. Dark wood is also an excellent option for indoor flooring as they make the home look warm and inviting.

We hope some of our decking ideas inspired you today. If you have a plan in mind, browse through our lifestyle category on the types of plants you could install in your home and garden.

By Smriti Paul

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