Every year, the New York Fashion Week brings to us the best of the best – be it in terms of fashion, set presentation, or celebrities. This time around, things were really taken up quite a few notches. Read on to know all about it:

 Fashion in outdoor locales

 Ever heard of an underground subway fashion show? Tom Ford went all out by doing just that. His guests found themselves seated in a deserted subway station. Real subway workers were present, the music was loud, and there were plenty of drinks. Ford used the platform as a runway to showcase his work. Over the years, NYFW has seen a rise in shows happening even across the city.

 Making haute couture eco-friendly

Excess is the norm when it comes to fashion. The glitz, the glamour, and the elite seldom seem to include concern for the environment. There is a lot of noise and clamor backstage too. But with this year, we saw a shift in that as well. When models and stylists were preparing for Gabriela Hearst’s show, the room was strangely silent. That is because hot tools and hair dryers were banned. It was done in order to showcase a collection that was carbon neutral – a first in NYFW history. The models walked the ramp in box weave hemp dresses, trench coats, and their hair slick with braids.

 Elevating fashion shows to the next level

Ramp walks and show sets at the Fashion Week were extraordinary this year. The level of creativity and innovation employed surely broke all records. Location was shifted, celebrities were roped in, and alcohol was aplenty. For example, Ralph Lauren threw a ball that was quite reminiscent of The Great Gatsby. The theme was black and white. Janelle Monáe performed as well. Rihanna’s SavagexFenty show was nothing less than a party. With bright neon backdrops and performances from Halsey and Migos, the showcase was quite entertaining.


Noteworthy comebacks

 This year’s Fashion Week saw the return of many beloved designers and artists. First off, Tommy Hilfiger returned to the show after a solid five years. The show, Fall 2019 Tommy X Zendaya collection was stunning. Zendaya proved to be the perfect choice for his creations throughout. Not only that, Zendaya actively worked on the lineup of models and features to make them all more inclusive, diverse, and overall appealing. The show was held at the magnificent Apollo Theatre. It was made up of many brilliant live performances.

Another major comeback came in the form of Pyer Moss’s show. After a year of not doing runways, Moss came back with his show at a concert hall named Kings Theatre. His show and the work featured was rooted in the history and culture of African Americans in a way that has not been done before, ever.

 Nothing is apolitical – not even fashion

The fashion shows in New York never fail to disappoint when it comes to social awareness and issues. And this year was no different either. Many artists took on important issues that need to be talked about more and included them in their designs creatively. The models that Zendaya cast for Tommy Hilfiger were all black and we got to see the immense diversity in the community. Chromat, a swimsuit brand proved its commitment to showcasing diversity yet again. The models it chose for the runway were diverse in terms of age, race, and body types. Then we have Lulu et Gigi, a luxury label. Lulu et Gigi featured Daisy-May Demetre on the runway. Daisy-May is a nine-year-old double amputee. She had her legs amputated as a baby. She is also slated to walk the runway at Paris Fashion Week soon.

Fashion is very much a part of our lives. These annual shows let us know of all that is possible in this world of fabrics and designs and styles – and how we can relate these things back to everyday life. Each of the designers had something new to bring to the front, and the models and stylists did a brilliant job as well.