Summer season is usually the most loved season. The dreaded winter chill is going and the summers are coming through. At this point, most of the people are pulling out suitcases filled with cotton and hosieries and stacking away the woolens.

This ritual marks the end of winters and the beginning of summers. It is common knowledge that people consume lesser water in winters as compared to summers. People also sweat less in winters and therefore, require less hydration. 

As we bid adieu to winters and welcome the summer season, we thought we update you with a list of better tips to stay hydrated this time:


Add fruits to the water

A little exciting flavor to the water that is consumed. Adding fruit to the water makes it more interesting to drink and more worthy of drinking.


Drink Water after every washroom visit

Going to the loo means the body lost a lot of fluid, so to keep the body hydrated drink a glass right after coming out from flushing.


Sip on the glass before a meal

 Sipping on a glass of water before any meal will not only help reduce the consumption, it will also help the body to absorb the water faster.


Download an App

 A phone app will help in remembering to drink water now and then. These apps help keep track of the amount of water consumed and send notification or set the alarms for drinking water.


Get a high-tech water bottle

 If there is a budget, buy a high-tech bottle. Drink up is one such brand which provides water bottles that keeps a track of the amount of water one consumes; it also comes with an app. This bottle sends reminders on the phone to drink water. 


Dilute the Drinks

If someone is consuming sugary drinks, water them down. Sugar only harms the body; to protect it from the ill-effects of the sugar add ice-cubes or water. 


Drink after every drink

When out drinking, make sure that after every drink, one glass of water is gulped down. This ensures that a person will have no hangover and that they remain hydrated throughout the party.


Eat Watermelon

Watermelon is 60% water and therefore, eating it as an alternative for water is a great trick to stay hydrated.


Change the taste with fresh fruit juice

Drinking only water can be a little boring task. So, to spice up the water drinking habits, people may want to consider drink fresh fruit juice. 


Don’t drink only when thirsty

Waiting for one’s self to get thirsty is also a dehydrator. Therefore, people should drink to keep drinking water now and then.  


More tricks

Apart from the above-mentioned tricks, people could avoid caffeine intake since caffeine dehydrates the body. The habit of smoking should also be cut down. Avoiding aerated drinks and sodas can help the body remain hydrated for a longer period. A good alternative to stay hydrated will be making interesting smoothies for one’s self. Investing in an attractive bottle also helps the brain in remembering to drink water. Additionally, sipper is an easier way to consume water. Fruits like grapes and grapefruit are a rich source of water too. 

Key Takeaway

Summer is a draining season and surviving in it can be a little tricky. There is dehydration, sweating, nose-bleeds, etc. to manage and be preventive about. Drinking a glass of glucose water right before stepping out in the sun is very helpful in staying hydrated. Being dressed in summer-friendly like cotton and hosieries helps people feel light and healthy.  


Remember, your body loves to stay hydrated a lot more than you think. In fact, staying hydrated is the best way to give yourself good health and good skin. So what are you waiting for?