Substitutes For Eggs

So, you have recently turned vegan, but every baking recipe that you look at requires eggs? Or you are baking for that friend who cannot stand the smell of eggs? Or that colleague who is allergic to eggs? Yes, you are in a bit of a tough spot. And that’s because eggs are amazing yet complex structures that serve many purposes when baking.

Eggs give a great structure and stability to the baked product, providing a firmness along with the required fluff and lightness. They also act as leavening agents or raising agents that cause the dough or batter to expand. And not just that, eggs provide just the right amount of moistness and richness in terms of taste.

But then, worry not if you are looking for egg substitutes for baking. Here are a few ingredients that you can use to give you all the benefits that eggs do, and much more!


This easy-to-find ingredient is a healthy egg substitute for baking cakes and muffins. The delightful flavor of bananas adds to the taste along with giving cakes the perfect moistness.

How much to use: It is recommended that one whole egg be replaced by half a medium banana for perfect results.


Applesauce is one of the best vegan egg substitutes for baking cakes. It adds moisture without altering the taste or texture of the final product. The leavening properties of applesauce also ensure that cakes and muffins rise as they would when eggs are used. Do remember that applesauce could be sweet already, so you might want to use less sugar than usual.

How much to use: One egg can safely be substituted with one-fourth cup applesauce in any recipe.

Flax seeds/Chia seeds

Health coupled with taste equals bliss! In addition to being extremely healthy, flax seeds and chia seeds also give a nutty texture, making them perfect substitutes for eggs in muffins and cookies. Big recommendation: use them with caution in cakes to avoid a dense, muffin-like texture.

How much to use: You can, first, grind the seeds in a coffee or spice grinder. Then, mix one tablespoon of these ground seeds with three tablespoons of water until a thick and viscous paste is formed. Voila! Use this paste as a replacement for one egg.

Buttermilk/Yogurt/Greek Yogurt

These substitutes for eggs are healthy and readily available. The use of these ingredients maintains the consistency and texture provided by the eggs. However, make sure that you add a little baking powder when using these products because they lack leavening abilities.

How much to use: One-fourth cup of each of these should be a fair substitute for a whole egg.

Silken Tofu

This bland-tasting product is a great replacement for eggs. While it doesn’t fluff up as eggs do, it absorbs flavors, enhancing the overall taste of the baked item. You must remember, though, that tofu gives a heavy and rich texture; so, avoid using it with fluffy baked goods. However, it is perfect for brownies, breads, and quiches.

Bear in mind that silken tofu is different from the regular tofu. Unlike regular tofu, it is not pressed, so its liquids are retained, making it smoother in texture. Tofu itself isn’t a bad choice, but silken tofu is a better option.

How much to use: Just puree one-fourth cup of silken tofu to replace a whole egg.

Go ahead, enjoy some eggless baking and fulfill those sweet cravings! Do let us know how these substitutes worked for you.

By Sonal Jaiswal

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