Bags and footwear are two things that feature on almost every woman’s list of guilty pleasure. In fact, for many women, wearing the right footwear and picking the perfect bag is just as important as choosing the right lipstick or perfect blouse. While footwear is tough to go wrong with, bags are a whole different area. When it comes to choosing the right bag, there are so many factors to be looked at. Right color? Right size? Sufficient pockets? Easy to carry? And the most difficult, is it suitable for where you’re going?

So, we decided to create your one-stop guide to choosing the perfect bag for wherever you’re headed. Office, date, party, or whatever you’re planning, once you’re done with this article, choosing a bag will be so much easier!


The Perfect Work & Office Bag

Here’s what you should ask yourself when you’re trying to decide which bag you should take to work. Will you use it to carry a lot of things? How many things are on your “Must-Carry” list? Will you need a lot of pockets? How do you travel to work? On the basis of these questions, determine the size of your bag and how many pockets it should have.

When buying a work bag, don’t hesitate in spending a little extra if it means you’re getting something sturdy and is purposeful. Invest a little extra in something that will last long unless you want to shell out cash frequently. Make sure the straps are comfortable for you to be able to carry it without any hassle. For a work bag, the best fit is a simple tote bag since they come with what seems to be endless space.


The Perfect Date Bag

You have to have all your essentials and make sure it goes with your personal style. After all, dates are important, right? It’s tough to choose between something practical and something trendy.

For a dinner or lunch date, the best option is a simple clutch. These are elegant and perfect for a simple evening. If you’re not the carrying kind, look for one with a wrist strap. This bag will be perfect for a party or dance date as well. For a concert or a musical evening, you can opt for something basic. A simple crossbody bag or a smaller tote is perfect. This kind of bag will be perfect for a simple drink or coffee date as well. Another great option is a small satchel. They’re cute and very resourceful.


The Perfect Day-Out-With-the-Friends Bag

Who doesn’t love a girls’ day out? Or a day drinking plan with the office friends on the day-off? Whoever the people you’re going with, day out plans will usually need you to carry your essentials without you ending up looking over the top. So, what’s the best option? A bucket bag!

There’s nothing more feminine looking while also serving utility. These bags are roomy as well so you don’t have to worry about leaving anything behind. Another great option is a tote bag. For a day-out however, look for a slightly classy or fashionable tote bag. For an office, you’re just looking at the utility, hence a simple one works. But if you’re heading out, you’d want to make a statement, right?


The Perfect Shopping Bag

Whether a trip to the mall or a run to the grocery store, you want to choose the right bag. Not because you’re going to want to make a fashion statement, rather because you don’t want to be unprepared. The best option for a shopping bag is anything big enough to carry whatever you’re planning to buy, so you’ll have to put some thought to finalize what you’re going to buy. The second important tip is to get a bag that has long handles; either something you can toss on your shoulders or wear on your bag.

Now that you know what kind of bag you’ll need, make sure you pick neutral shades! Something black, blue, beige or nude will be ideal since these colors go with everything else. No need to worry about your bag not matching.