Working from home is a dream for some of us. Cutting those torturous hours of commute and working from the comfort from your home in itself can improve our productivity by manifolds. Even if you don’t have the luxury of working from home, there are good chances that your office work may spill over to your weekends. When working from home, don’t you feel like having a secluded place designed to enhance your productivity? If you get similar thoughts, read ahead for some fantastic ideas for creating a happy home-office.


Select a secluded corner

The first step towards building your home office is to find an isolated spot. We have all seen that viral video of a baby photobombing his dad’s BBC interview. While it was hilarious to watch, no one would ever want to land in a similar situation. To avoid such embarrassing incidents and enjoy some much-needed peace while working, select a secluded nook in your home. If you have a separate room, there is nothing like it. If you have a smaller house, you can consider niches to make your office.


Select the appropriate color

Did you know that selecting the right color can significantly increase your productivity? There is scientific evidence of how blue can affect your mind and yellow can influence your emotions. Red can govern your body while green is the color for enhancing productivity. Moreover, the intensity of colors also has an impact on your behavior. If your job is stressful, opt for a lesser intensity to soothe your senses. On the other hand, if you operate in a creative field, you may select a higher intensity to stimulate your sense.


Bring outdoors to your home

If possible, select a spot near a window to get a direct view of the outside world. Sometimes, connecting with the outside world may break the monotony of work and give you a break. If that is not possible, you can try to bring outdoors inside. The way to do this is by adorning your office space with some plants. The vibrant green hues of plants can breathe life into the dullest spaces. If you feel they are high maintenance, opt for tropical wallpapers or cushions covers to replicate the effect.


Make a movable office

Did the caption grab your attention and made you curious? Well, I was certainly intrigued when I had first heard of this idea. If you do not want an elaborate or a dedicated space, you can opt for a rolling desk and a movable chair. You can select a different spot in your house every other day. The changing scenery may motivate you more than you can imagine. Moreover, it may work well for mothers who may want to keep an eye on their children while making some presentations.


Minimalism or maximalism

Some people prefer to keep their office space minimal and completely organized. If you belong to this category, closed shelves and cabinets may be the best option for you. Besides, it is more practical in keeping your space neat and tidy. Select neutral hues and simple furniture to achieve the desired look. However, if you have a boho soul and like maximalism, you can opt for open shelves. Try to add quirky decor accents and lots of colors to break from the boring usual office decor.


Be creative

This advice goes out to all of you who live in cramped apartments and would like to separate your office from the living room. You can try using a simple console table pushed against the wall in your bedroom. If space allows, try to hide your table behind a curtain to conceal your office. If you would like to add a little feminine touch to your office, you consider adding gold and rose-gold accents. You can also add items of sentimental value like pictures or mementos from your travels to add a personal touch to your office.

Apart from this, you must select the right lighting. It shouldn’t be too dull, or your work may induce sleep even on the busiest days. Moreover, the furniture should be comfortable and sturdy for a relaxed set-up.