We, women, know how precious our girlfriends are. They are our agony aunts, secret keepers, gossip partners, all molded into one. They are so integral in our lives that imaging life without them would be hard.

This is the reason why you may want to get the best possible present for your birthday. Are you in a position where you just aren’t able to decide what to gift her? You want to make it special but do not have enough time to research. Moreover, you have your project deadline, a wedding to attend and dinner to host.

To make it easy for you, here’s a collection of 9 well-researched tech gifts for every kind of girlfriend you hold close to your heart:


Temperature control smart coffee mug

It is the right gift for the one who cares about everyone but ends up forgetting herself. You know how she loves her coffee at just the right temperature. With a coffee machine temperature control smart mug, your friend can truly enjoy a cold winter afternoon. She can sip her coffee and read her favorite book without worrying about her drink going cold.


Aromatic diffuser

Aromatherapy is one of the most easily accessible yet under-utilized hacks to bust stress. Gift her this, and let her pick her favorite essential oils to go with it. After a long day at work, she can come home and relax with the flick of a switch. Get a diffuser with a swanky ceramic finish that will be a great addition to her home décor.


Dog Camera

It is for the pet moms out there. You’ve always seen your girl-friend worry about her pet when she is away. This cool gizmo allows her to not just keep an eye on her dog but also feed it a treat or two, even while sitting miles away from home! What more does a pet momma want?


A digital photo frame for every girlfriend

Give your girlfriend a trip down the memory lane with a classic old digital photo frame. Feed it with the collection of your best times together, and it will forever remind her of your friendship. It is so compact that it can easily fit into her living room or by her nightstand.


 Back and neck massager

We all know how those long hours at your laptops can take a toll on the back and neck. There is nothing more relieving than a warm massage after a long day at work. Gift her an automatic massager to drive her stress away.


Object Finder

This one is for your ever forgetful friend. As women, we are always multitasking and often forget the tiny things we carry. We misplace them and spend a good amount of time looking for them. If this reminds you of your girlfriend, this is the gift for her. Help her tag her wallet, keys or charger and this tech-savvy gadget will help her find it within seconds


Shades that double as speakers

It is for the outdoorsy music lover. Gift her a pair of fashionable shades which are also music to her ears. You ask how? Check out those uber-cool goggles that have built-in audio speakers. These products do the work of two in one and will be a great option for that runner friend of yours.


Vanity mirror with Bluetooth speakers

For the diva who loves shooting her makeup tutorials or enjoys touching up her look on the go. Is your friend a budding makeup artist in the making? Get her a backlit mirror with audio speakers. These gadgets are all-in-one and will be the perfect addition to her vanity. You can get advanced features like USB lit, touchscreen audio buttons, a classy gold, and glossy finish to go with her aura.

And by now if you’ve already bookmarked one to buy for yourself, don’t shy away! Afterall self-care is equally important.