Halloween has been celebrated for centuries. In ancient times, it was believed that people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts. Today, Halloween is celebrated on 31st October every year in a lively manner. One of the reasons why the scary element is an inherent part of this festival is because some cultures believe that the boundary between our world and the dead becomes very thin!

Over the years, Hollywood has been inspired by Halloween and there are countless movies celebrating its spirit (pun intended!). We have created a list of 5 amazing movies which you can sit back and enjoy this Halloween.


1. Halloween

Perhaps the best way to define Halloween is through this classic movie! Michael Myers murdered his sister on Halloween night in 1963. After 15 years of being in a mental hospital, on Halloween night 1978, he has escaped the hospital and wants to continue his killing spree. What we like about this movie is the Halloween theme, the suspense and also the storyline. Such is the fan craze for this series that since then more than 10 movies have been made since the 1 st movie released in 1978. Their latest venture was released in 2018 with the same actress who was part of the first movie in 1978!

2. Coco


Miguel is an aspiring child musician who wishes to play the guitar like his great-great-grandfather enters the land of the dead to find him. The whole movie shows the importance of family and how music can bring everyone together. What we like about this movie is the way they’ve shown the Land of the dead and how they connect to us. The music is top class and hence we feel such a movie can be enjoyed on Halloween night. Also if you didn’t notice, this is the only entry in this list which happens to be an animated movie.


3. The Addams Family



Who would not remember Addams Family? This classic has been a part of cartoon shows and even in movies. The speciality of this movie is that a con man who shows himself as their long lost Uncle Fester tries to trick the Addams and empty their vault. What did we like about this movie? Everything!! The Addams Family always had a way of making people smile with their scary features and jokes. It’s one good way to enjoy Halloween this year by watching this movie!


4. Hocus Pocus



Let’s add some fun in this list with Hocus Pocus! Young Max wants to impress his crush but ends up resurrecting three witches who were trapped for 300 years for practising witchcraft. Now they want to become immortal and the only way to stop them is by
taking the help of a magical cat and stealing the witches’ book of spells! Why should everything be scary on Halloween? That’s what we thought while adding this movie in the list. It’s fun, humorous and has enough magic to leave you in splits! Watch this with family and enjoy all the hocus pocus.


5. Trick ‘r Treat



The last entry on this list has 5 stories that occur on Halloween night: A regular man becomes a serial killer; a college virgin might just get lucky; a group of teenagers pull a mean prank on someone; The case of a holiday-obsessed husband and his wife who hates the night; and finally a mean old man who has met his match! What we liked about this movie is how they all have been shaped. Showing different stories taking place on the same night is a very good way to display a story. We liked the way they have been depicted and wish you will like it too!

So here’s our list of 5 classic movies which you can binge-watch in 2019! Do you think we missed out on any movie? Comment on this post and let us know which movie must be on this list and why!