If like thousands of others, you’re obsessed with making your home look Pinterest-worthy without robbing a bank, look no further. This article is The One that’s going to take your home from blah to beautiful. And it isn’t going to do so by requiring you to have the skills of painters, carpenters and construction workers combined. Nor will you need to have a fully equipped toolkit at home- in fact, you won’t even need a screwdriver.

All you will need is some imagination and the budget to pick up some high impact, low-cost items. Scout them out online or drop in for a fulfilling day of shopping at your favorite home store. However, as you lay your hands on them, be assured that these items have the potential to put your home on someone’s Dream Home board.

Area rug/ carpet:

The pocket-friendly alternative to sexy new flooring is a carefully chosen area rug. Pick a carpet that goes well with your existing upholstery and furniture, and watch it liven up the room in an instant.


To make the most of your existing fittings, replace old and boring light fixtures and lampshades with pieces that are more dramatic and colorful. If you are up for something more experimental, try using light itself as an element of décor. To do this, point a well-placed lamp at stylish cornices or an otherwise boring blank wall. If you are willing to splurge, a lampshade which will cast patterns on the wall will also do wonders.

Indoor Plants:

Nothing makes a room feel fresh like a splash of green. A bare corner or side table is the perfect location for a potted plant. Spider plants, ferns, and money plants are all low-maintenance indoor plants that will do the job and not ask for much sun in return. If you have a conveniently placed ceiling hook (though the chances of that are slim), you can also put these plants in hanging planters; geometric ones made of porcelain or wrought iron look especially chic.

Wall art:

While painting a wall can be tedious, tacking up temporary wallpaper isn’t and it will dramatically change the feel of a room. Wall art like silhouettes of a city skyline or birds on a wire will also create an accent wall with minimal effort. If you’re wary of disturbing your wall paint though, consider putting up a pretty rug or a wall hanging to make a feature wall.


The smallest and simplest change you can make is to switch out your existing cushion covers for some that are completely different, in color and pattern. This is the easiest way to change the accent colors in a room and you will feel the difference the minute you walk in.

The best part about these changes is that they can all be implemented over a weekend. Plus, none of them require you to drastically change your cleaning habits or the way you live. Which is really the secret to giving your home a makeover that lasts beyond a Pinterest photo shoot.

By Sweta Vinod

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