Financial management is essential for living an independent and secure life. While it is easy to make financial goals, several people find it challenging to change their lifestyle. They find it hard to stay motivated and fulfill their goals.

Are you in a similar situation and seeking some inspiration? Here are a few fun and creative ways to challenge yourself.


Get a buddy

Do you remember how you needed a friend to start your gym routine? Your family and friends are perhaps the only people in your life who will never judge you. Moreover, they will know how to encourage you to achieve your goals. Ask a friend if she would like to partner with you on this road to financial management. You can set little challenges like saving $200 a month or not buying anything new for a month. You can compare the results to assess how you are performing. Besides, you can talk to them when you are feeling down or when you can’t resist your temptation. They will know how to calm you and get you back on track.


Design a competition

Do you have a competitive streak in you? Do games excite you? Well, you can design a game for yourself and your friends. At the end of each month, you all can get together and can compare the money you could save in the month. You can even share stories of innovative ways to save money. For instance, reusing zip locks or shopping at thrift stores.


Stick post-it notes

Aren’t post-it notes the cutest ways of setting reminders? Write your goals or encouraging messages on post-it notes and stick them around your house. Similarly, you can place encouraging messages around the house. For instance, you can stick a note on your refrigerator that says, “cook your meals instead of ordering take-outs”. Similarly, add a note in your car that prompts you to carpool instead of driving alone.


Treat yourself

All hard work and no play will make you lose your interest fast. Make little goals and remember to treat yourself for every success. For instance, you can use 10% of your savings for buying a little present. Or else, you can create a separate account for a year-end holiday.


Make a vision board

A vision board is a pictorial representation of all your goals. Do your goals involve buying a new car or a home? Do you plan to take a month-long vacation in Europe in the next three years? Make a vision board with your dreams and hang it in your office or home. This visual illustration will be fun to make and will also remind you to stay on track. You can paste pictures, your favorite quotes or reasons why they are important. You can make this board using free online tools or go the traditional pen and paper way.


Challenge yourself

Do you get too tempted by the world of Instagram and end up spending too much? Or do you get an irresistible urge to shop when a sale is announced? Most of us don’t realize but we end up spending way more than we intend to during the sale season. The best way around is to challenge yourself in little ways. Instead of buying new clothes, try to create different looks with your existing clothes. If you cannot fit into your older clothes, try to get on the path of fitness. If you order take-outs daily, try to reduce your orders each week. With each successful result, you will find new confidence budding inside you.


Hit thrift stores

Such stores are great if you are trying to save a few bucks. You can easily buy home decor accents and impersonal things from these stores. Besides, they are a good and free source or entertainment if you like browsing through stuff in your free time.