Welcoming an anticipated event is usual. But getting an opportunity to embrace a long time awaiting event is like a dream castle turning real. The feeling is so right regarding the much-loved sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S.


Characters in the series 

Our all-time favorite six characters are Joey, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe who justified their roles in the series. Joey is the fun-loving, less smart yet kind-hearted was the sweetest character. Chandler being the sarcasm king was perfect as a best friend and also as a loving husband. Phoebe, the weirdo, was excellent with her own Humour. Rachel was the fashionista, the fashion ideal of every girl. Ross, the scientist, was simple, self-loving and a responsible father. Monica Geller, the Master Chef, was the glue of the group with obviously the obsessive cleanliness disorder.


History of the 10 seasons

The plot spun around the daily lives of the five bachelors and Ross who was having a complicated relationship with his lesbian wife. Joey is an actor who tries his hand in every small and big audition. Chandler works in a company whose main job is still the toughest question to answer for everyone. Ross is a Palaeontologist, interested in dinosaurs who works in a museum. Monica is the baby sister of Ross who is a great cook, more focused on cleanliness and arranging things right and marries chandler in later seasons. Rachel is a rich kid who after escaping from her own marriage starts living independently with Monica in her apartment and grows as a matured person fulfills her dreams, and the relationship of Ross and Rachel is a great hit. The fantastic character who lives in her own world and imagination with the principles made and broken by herself for her personal cause is Phoebe. Who is outspoken, tough, talented and a self admirer.


 A perfect example of friendship

Starting from a few unknown faces to a few known ones they end up being the best company for each other. Chandler and Joey are best roommates and mostly chandler bearing expenditure of both as Joey was in his low time in career was a sweet gesture. Monica becomes the shoulder for Rachel after she gets cut off from her father’s money, and the home was a great support as a friend. Joey making all kinds of solutions for everyone shows their friendship in-depth.everyone was there for everyone may be at the time of downfall, time of the uprising, time of heartbreak and mostly at the time of significant changes in life and also helped, cared and supported to their utmost.


The most relatable series

Yes, it is true life is never always the bed of roses. Thorns do prick hard, often harder and longer. The story shown in the episodes relates very closely to our daily lives. The low time in career, Rejection, infatuation, self-questioning, heartbreaks and many more are common to us. In addition, how they overcome all the bad times, stay strong, and how their friends support them is the reason why the sitcom is a household name. It’s not only Joey’s numbness or Monica’s thunder or Ross’s boring choices but also the perfect comic timing with chandler’s sarcasm embedded in every event was lovely.

Friends often hanging together in their late twenties in the same coffee shop was awesome too.


Welcoming them again

It’s no doubt that the name of episodes was the one-liner of the whole story. As our favorite characters are again going to hit the big screen, the name of the show going to air can easily be said as “The one where they got back together”. After giving us ten years of Entertainment in 10 seasons, it’s a blessed time for us all to see them together as the heartbreak they gave us after parting from us and each other at the end of the show somewhere still saddens the heart. Airing of this episode will definitely soothe millions of hearts and would give us immense pleasure for sure.