The reason why most of us hate Monday is that we are never prepared to take on the challenges of a new week. A Sunday ritual can help you immensely in setting the right tone for the next week. I understand if you don’t want to have a hectic Sunday. The key is to rejuvenate yourself and prepare for the upcoming week. Here are a few options that you may consider as part of your Sunday rituals.


Selecting your outfits

As women, we have to deal with rushed mornings because we can’t find the right dress. Even worse are workday engagements when we have to meet friends after work. The decisions of choosing the right outfit and matching shoes can be overwhelming. With a perfect dress on, we can unleash the diva within us and kill the day.

For the peace of your mind and love for dressing up, try to plan your outfits on Sunday. It may also help to check the weather readings in planning your outfits.


Cleaning your space

A clean home can really declutter your mind and relax you after a hectic day at work. Give it a try for a few weeks, and you will know what I am talking about. Spend a few hours cleaning your house and doing your laundry on Sundays. Do those dishes and oh, do not forget to make your bed. Coming home to a spic and span home will immediately take away your stress. You may also get the time to unwind over Netflix instead of having to clean your home after work.


Pampering yourself

The most important person in your life is you. More often than not, we forget to indulge ourselves as we try to juggle different roles. Spare some time on Sundays to pamper yourself. Give yourself a mini facial or put a face-mask on. Take a long shower or soak in soothing oils. If possible, go for a mani-pedi appointment. If you like to read, dedicate some alone time as you immerse yourself in the magical world of books over coffee.


Preparing your meals

Are you ever so tired after work that you have no energy left to prepare your meals? It is not a situation unique to you. Several working women end up ordering in and regretting it at a later point in time. Use your Sundays for grocery shopping so that you have enough stock for the coming week. Also, try to cut and chop the veggies and do the prep on Sundays. You will thank yourself when you will notice your inches dropping due to a healthier lifestyle. Moreover, cooking is a stress-buster that can distract your mind off problems.


Recharging your batteries

Some weeks are so hard that we do not have any energy left to face the world. If you have had one of those weeks, I would suggest you stay in your bed for at least half a day. Call your friends or watch some youtube videos. Take a long mid-morning nap to rejuvenate your tired cells. Stay in your pajamas and just be yourself.


 Planning your week

Haven’t we all heard how planning your day can increase your efficiency at work? Well, planning your week is a step ahead that can enhance the quality of your life. It will save you from hitting the mall at the last minute to shop for your friend’s birthday or forgetting to pick your laundry. Having a mental to-do list is not only ineffective but may also give you unnecessary stress.


Indulging in aromatherapy

Do you know that aromatherapy has far-reaching effects on relaxing your mind and body? Light an oil diffuser in the evenings, perch in your favorite corner and give yourself some shut-eye. Not only will you sleep well after this experiment but you will also feel refreshed the following morning.