The decision to move in with your significant other is a major step in your life. It is romantic, exciting and may even leave you with butterflies in your stomach. It is understandable if you are a little apprehensive too. After all, there are so many things that you need to figure out. For instance, working out the finances and household chores. The best way to enter this new phase of life is with an open heart and mind. Think about how this step will strengthen your bond and you will find this transition a lot easier.

One of the most exciting things about building a home together is its design. While a lot of people give a lot of attention to the living room and the kitchen, they tend to ignore the bedroom. Indeed, your guests won’t visit your bedroom but it is the place where you will spend your maximum time. For the sanctity of your personal space, you must give it equal or perhaps more thought.

Here are a few tips that can help you design the bedroom of your dreams.

Plan your space

You may want a comfy chair in your bedroom or your partner would prefer a study in the corner. The best way to proceed is by planning your bedroom before you buy your furniture. As a bachelor, you could push your bed up against the wall. However, you can’t do that in a couple’s bedroom. Both of you would need your space on your sides of the bed. The best way is to measure the space before designing the layout. This simple tip will give you more clarity and prevent you from overcrowding your bedroom.

Select the colors for the walls

The color of your bedroom can influence your mood and state of mind. Thus, you must select the color in accordance with the vibe that you want to create. You can go in for pastels, greens, blues, lavender, and whites if you want to create a cool and calm surrounding. To make it your personal space that oozes romance, you can opt for a blush pink, creamy white, peach, or warm colors like caramel and off-whites. You can go towards the darker spectrum to make it more romantic. If you already have your furniture, make it a point to select a suitable color to give it a harmonized look.

Bring in the furniture

Do you both own some pieces of furniture that you would want to incorporate in your bedroom? Well, don’t fuss if they don’t match. In fact, matching furniture can be boring. You can paint your furniture to bring in some harmony. If you are creative, try out decoupaging or stencil painting to create some motifs on the furniture. You can even change the knobs of your bedside tables, desks, and drawers to make them complement each other.


If there is one cheap way to enhance the look of your bedroom, it is this. When it comes to accessories, there really is no limit. Buy some cushion covers and matching throws to change the look of your bedroom. You can hang a wall art over your headboard. You can go in for either one big piece or matching smaller sets. If both of you have a bohemian streak, you can opt for a macrame wall hanging or a colorful tapestry to suit your taste. You can even bring in accents of gold and copper to suit the warm colors of your walls and make the bedroom more romantic.

Mood Lighting

I can’t stress enough on this. Lighting can instantly change the vibes of your bedroom and make it more romantic and sexy. Instead of harsh lighting, opt for softer lights. Go in for matching table lamps for your bedside tables. Another option is to hang lights from the ceiling behind your bed for a classy look. You can also opt for the lamps that allow you to change the brightness as per your mood.


Plan for ample storage so that both of you can fit our things inside your bedroom. Buy storage accessories like hooks, hangers, trays, etc. so that there are no arguments about that.