It is an exciting time to welcome babies into your life. The thought of extending your family, and embracing a new member is certainly a happy one. Apart from bringing eternal joy in your life, babies also bear a lot of change with themselves. They can change your life by 180 degrees and additionally, also change your house. For instance, you will have to make space for them and design a nursery to accommodate their needs.

If you are in the process of designing a nursery, you may consider these suggestions for a highly functional and cute nursery.

Pick a theme

Here’s the thing about designing a nursery. You will fall in love with most of the options and would want to have them all. To make it simpler, you could select a theme – like a color or a concept. It will help in narrowing down your choices when you go shopping. Needless to say, picking a theme will also make the nursery look more cohesive. For instance, you could select an animal theme and get inexpensive animal art prints to decorate the room.

Decorate the ceiling

This is where a nursery stands out from other rooms in the house. As babies spend a lot of time on their backs, it makes sense to give it equal attention. Try to add patterns in the form of decals or murals. You can make it resemble a sky with clouds, rainbows, and birds. If you want to go easy, you can simply paint it in a soothing color matching with the rest of the room. You can even add some glow in the dark stars, planets and moon-shaped stickers if the baby is over a year old.

Design the layout

The design of your nursery should allow you to easily move around the room. Firstly, you should create easy access to the crib and the changing station. You don’t want to stub your toes against the furniture when you come to soothe the baby at night. Secondly, a lot of people forget to account for space for a nursing station. Planning for it will make things a lot easier for the mother who has to juggle several things while nursing the baby. It will also help to leave a lot of free space in the room. As the baby will grow, its needs will also expand. The baby will need more space to move around and will also need an area to play in. To account for this space, avoid filling the room with too many furniture items.

Have a lot of storage

Babies are tiny but they come with a lot of stuff. If you are a first-time parent, you would be surprised to see the amount of stuff a baby can add to your house. There are going to be lots and lots of clothes and toys. It will help to plan ample storage space in advance. However, once the baby starts moving around, you will have to ensure that the nursery is clutter-free. To make things easier, you can pick up furniture items that double up as storage options. Another option you may explore is to have a system for sorting dirty and fresh laundry.

Focus on lighting

This is perhaps the most important point worth considering in your nursery design. Most babies start associating darkness with sleep time. Having blackout shades will help in replicating night time during the day. Secondly, it will help to use dimmers in the room. It will come handy during your late-night feedings as bright light may disturb your baby’s sleep. Of course, you can also use nightlights. You will get several cute options in the market. If you can, try to ensure as much natural light as possible as sunlight can keep the room germ-free and fresh.

Baby proof the room

Babies grow fast and before you know, your baby will be moving around. Do not leave baby-proofing the room till the last moment. The baby will make your life so busy that you may not get the time to do it. It will help to baby-proof the room like covering electrical outlets, rounding off the edges and removing any choking hazards from the room. You can visit a hardware store to know the options that you have.