We have many ideas about what constitutes a healthy or attractive body – and a flat tummy is certainly one of them. Though a flat tummy is not synonymous with good health, you can surely try to add these things to your everyday life, because they are good for you either way. So, here are the seven tips to achieving a flat stomach –

Track your artificial sugar intake

Artificial sugar is a major component that leads to build up in our stomach. What you can do is read labels and information tables before buying products. The refined sugar that we consume has in actuality no functional purpose to serve when ingested in our body. You can replace artificial sugars with more natural options that will still end up satisfying your sweet tooth. Jaggery and honey are great options – you can add them to your tea, desserts, milk, etc.

Another thing to remember is that soft drinks are doubly dangerous – they not only contribute to huge sugar intake, but they also cause damage to our teeth.

Go for walks

A walk is a great way to add movement to our day. It helps in boosting metabolism and keeps us active and healthy as well. After taking a walk, we are likely to feel refreshed and light – and if you can take after dinner, it will help you with digestion as well.

It has been proven that we do not need to indulge in excessive exercise to lose weight – walks every day also go a long way to make that possible. Once you make walking a regular habit, you will actually begin to look forward to it – those thirty minutes can be a time for you to listen to music, collect your thoughts, and be with nature.

Cut down on alcohol

Alcohol is bad and not healthy for us in a variety of ways – and high weight gain is also one of them. If we get into the science of it, each gram of alcohol contains several calories. Thus, it is advisable to not have alcohol every other day. Moderate drinking is not as dangerous – but if excessive drinking is becoming a habit for you, you may want to seek help.

Do more cardio

Cardio or aerobic exercises help our body and mind in many ways. Cardio is often suggested to people because it strengthens our core muscles and boosts metabolism as well. It also improves our blood pressure. Even twenty to forty minutes of concentrated cardio exercises in a day can go a long way.

You can go for a run in the morning and burn a ton of calories. If you have never been in the habit of running, start with walks, then go for brisk walks, and then start running. By increasing the exertion regularly and proportionately, you will train your muscles and not end up damaging them. You can also bike or row regularly, as these activities also come under cardio.

Have protein shakes

Protein shakes are also known to increase our metabolism. You can add them to your diet – but be sure to consult with your doctor or dietician first. They can help you figure out how to balance it out in other areas of your diet. Paired with regular physical exercise, protein shakes can help you in reducing weight.

Work out specific muscles

If you are in the habit of going to the gym or working out at home itself, you can focus on specific muscles of the stomach, etc. regularly. Apart from that, doing workouts that target each muscle of the body is also very helpful in burning calories.

Drink water

The most repeated advice out there – but also one that works. Drinking water at regular intervals throughout the day helps us in many ways. Apart from flushing out the toxins from our body, water serves other purposes as well. It helps in the digestion of food. There are many times during the day when even after a good meal, we feel like eating something more. Though a snack here and there never hurt anyone, when we begin to indulge between meals as well, it tends to become a concern for your stomach. When you feel that craving coming on in the middle of a workday, you can just grab a glass of water. That will surely help you in pushing off the craving for some more time.