Bathing becomes a daily part of the routine, so much so that it is just a task to go through the motions of. Have you ever considered that when you follow through this daily “routine” you could actually be taking care of your skin, making it so much better?

In this post, we will take you through a few tips to turn your “shower routine” into a “better skin bathing routine”.

Remove Makeup Before You Bathe

Your face is going to get wet when you bathe, so you might as well remove the makeup then, right? Actually, no. When you bathe, you tend to get rough which is not what the skin on your face needs. Further, some makeup can be difficult to remove, so its best to stick to dedicated makeup products. And when you wash your face again as you bathe, you just make sure the skin gets a deep and thorough cleaning!

Watch the Water Temperature

Bathing with warm water is always advised, and it’s a habit that most of us tend to follow. However, it is important to make sure that the water is just warm or tepid, not hot. Yes, hot water baths tend to be a lot more satisfying, but it really dries out your skin. To make sure that your skin gets washed and remains moisturized as well, make sure the water isn’t too hot.

Hair First and Face Last

When you bathe, start by washing your hair. Your hair tends to accumulate oil. When you wash them, it is easy for the oil and the hair products to drip down onto your face. Now, these are not the products you want staying on your face. So wash your face at the very end so that your skin and pores remain clean and healthy.


It’s not just your face that needs to be exfoliated. The rest of your body will also thank you for exfoliating regularly. A lot of women think that using a loofah while bathing is sufficient for proper exfoliation. However, loofahs can become unhygienic and transfer bacteria you don’t want. Toss the loofah, but if you really must keep it, make sure you put it in sunlight to reduce the bacteria.

A better way to exfoliate is with a gentle scrub. There are plenty of options in the market, but if you prefer something homemade to nurture your skin, prepare a mixture of sugar, baking soda, and honey. This homemade body scrub will exfoliate as well as moisturize your skin.

Dry the Right Way

There are two important things to remember when you dry off. Firstly, never towel dry by rubbing the towel on your body. This rubbing dries your skin and can make it sensitive. Rather, use the pat and dry technique.

Secondly, when it comes to your hair, avoid using your standard towel. The fibers in a regular towel can rough up your hair and make them dry and frizzy. A better way to dry your hair is with a simple cotton shirt. Have a shirt you don’t use anymore, repurpose it to dry your hair. The shirt will soak the excess water without making it dry or frizzy. And once again use the blotting-and-patting technique to avoid hair damage.


Hydrating your skin is extremely important. Freshly bathed skin is perfect for moisturizing optimally. The pores are open so it soaks in all the goodness and gives you the soft and supple skin you’ve been longing for. You can opt for a moisturizer or some natural oils like coconut oil or olive oil.


As we close off this article, here’s another small tip that will leave you with lower water bills and a much happier environmental conscience. We know it is so much easier to just hop into the shower and let the water cleanse you. But as the world awakens to smart environmental choices, consider making your contribution. Switch from showering to using a tub and mug to make your small contribution.