It’s rare to find shows like Fleabag that get the right reaction from the audience! This is a show that represents most of the “real women” today! When Fleabag won so many awards in the Emmy’s, their main lead Pheobe Waller-Bridge said: “It’s so wonderful and reassuring to know that a dirty, pervy, angry, and messed-up woman can make it to the Emmys.”

They rightly won 4 Emmy Awards and this one-woman series just proved everyone wrong that a woman can run a series solely and kick some ass! But do you know why Fleabag is so good? We will give you 5 good reasons why you have to drop everything and watch both seasons of Fleabag!

Outstanding Plot

The plot of Fleabag is very strong. This story is about a self-destructive single woman who’s trying to balance both her family and career along with sad love life and the death of a close friend. Yes, you are already feeling bad for her but don’t worry, she’s strong enough or pretending to be.

What we like about the Plot is that even after going through so much, Fleabag is witty and will crack you up at the most unexpected moment of the episode. Also one of the best parts about this series is that you will never hear Fleabag’s real name, not even in the credits.

Talking to the audience

The initial views of the audience for Fleabag were full of empathy. They felt bad for her as Fleabag was hurting and would refuse to take help from anyone who was offering it. But this show does something fantastic too. Fleabag looks at the viewer and speaks to them. Yes, she does and you’ll feel very connected to her!

What we like about Fleabag is how she sometimes passes comments, winks at you (the viewer) and also makes relatable faces! You will feel like you’re a friend present and she’s talking to you about her life!

Pheobe Waller-Bridge

Keeping her on 3rd even though we wanted to keep her as the first reason! Pheobe Waller-Bridge is nothing less than a creative genius. With her honest and almost flawless acting, she resonates with the crowd and lets them be part of her journey with Fleabag.

What we like about Waller-Bridge (Fleabag) is that we cannot imagine anyone else doing this show and pulling off the acting like she does. It’s almost like Fleabag was meant for her. She’s one single woman pulling the show to new heights.

Brilliant Storytelling

In acting, the fourth wall is often considered to be interaction where the actor looks at the viewer/audience and talks/interacts with them. Fleabag breaks the fourth wall in many ways during the show. But they don’t overdo it! It’s only done when it’s required and hence it looks very thoughtful from the makers to get the audience to be a part of Fleabag’s story.

What we like about this series is the brilliant storytelling style. It’s fresh and gets you hooked on immediately. If it feels boring, just give it a couple of episodes and you’ll never stop!

Andrew Scott

Finally, our 5th reason is Andrew Scott. Who doesn’t miss Andrew after his outstanding performance as Professor James Moriarty, the world’s greatest villain in Sherlock Holmes! Here in Fleabag, he plays a Priest! Yes, he does play a priest and after watching the 2nd season, we can think of no one who could pull this character off with such ease!

What we like about Fleabag is their casting of supporting actors is so highly acclaimed that you’ll never find a dull moment in the show. Andrew Scott plays a very tricky role to the utmost perfection.


These are 5 good reasons why we feel that Fleabag is a show that cannot be missed. It’s for all the real working struggling women of today that are dealing with a thousand things on their plate all at once! It’s for the people who love humor and also interacting with the actors! You’ll love it! If we have convinced you enough to watch Fleabag or if you’ve already watched it, do comment below and let us know what you think about this series!