Many of us use Facebook on a daily basis and almost the whole world has an account created on this social media platform. But as famous as Facebook is, it has also had a really tough time for the last 3 to 4 years due to security issues. There have been lawsuits against Facebook due to these problems. And to overcome this, Facebook has been working towards making things better for the users and changing the security policy slowly. One such policy change that currently took place is for the facial recognition feature. 

What is Facial Recognition Feature?

Facebook has always helped users with the facial recognition technology that would recognize the users in photos and notify the users about it. This feature setting was initially known as the tag suggestion when this technology was not available. And in 2017, Facebook added the facial recognition feature to make the user experience better. It helped the users by automatically suggesting them to tag their friends in their photos. 

But what many did not know is that, even though no one was asked the permission for letting this technology take over their accounts, there was a setting that allowed the user to turn the feature off. And since the feature was by default added in every Facebook account without the consent of the user, lawsuits were set against Facebook for the breach of privacy. That is why Facebook then decided to turn this around with a new change. 

New Changes in the Facial Recognition Feature

As per the new changes in the facial recognition feature, for those who are new in joining Facebook, this feature will be turned off as a default. If these new users wish to change the setting they will be able to go to their settings and turn it on as per their wish and needs. 

Moreover, the new settings will also replace the tag suggestions where a user would get a notification if someone uploaded a photo of you. And then, it offered to tag you in the picture automatically. With the new settings, this will not happen any more as per Facebook.

As per the AI Applied Research Lead, with this update, people now would not be able to use the lovely features of Facebook that used your face. This means that users will now not be able to know if anyone uploaded a picture of them and hasn’t tagged them. And for those who loved this features, they need not be disheartened since users will still have the ability to tag a person manually. Just that Facebook will not be giving you any suggestions. All these changes have come into being since Facebook was hit by the lawsuit. 

About the Facebook Lawsuit

Facebook had recently lost a federal appeal in a lawsuit over the facial recognition data. The lawsuit against the facial recognition feature began in 2015, where Facebook was sued for not asking for a user’s consent before collecting and storing their biometric data. 

This lawsuit was made under the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act. After a long fight in the court, the court found Facebook guilty of the charges as per the lawsuit. As per the court, using the facial recognition technology without the consent of the user invades the privacy of the user. In fact, the case hasn’t been dismissed since Facebook is still doing its best to clear the charges.

But with such privacy issues always arising with Facebook for some years now, there will be a time where the company will have to pay billions of dollars as fine before it gets out. And it is due to this that Facebook instantly decided to make the change in the facial recognition feature as shared above.

What Facebook has to Say?

As per Facebook on its update post, Facebook has always taken the privacy and security of the user very seriously. In fact, the experts at Facebook work towards creating a better and more secure experience for the users. But with this issue up, Facebook has made sure that every user gets a notification about the settings so that they can select it accordingly. 

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