Facebook is one of the few social media platforms in the world with more than a million users. Not only is this platform used to stay in touch with friends but people have also used Facebook to find their love (even though it was not a dating platform).

To make things simpler and better, Facebook has added the feature of dating on it as well. And this feature is now live in the USA, although some other countries have begun enjoying this feature too. So, anyone who lives in the USA can use Facebook to connect and date strangers. The users who are of the age of 18 or above can now connect with other users and have meaningful relationships. 

And if you are thinking that Facebook didn’t need to do this because there are many other dating apps; then well, the number of users on Facebook is no match to any of these apps. So, you can be sure to meet many people and find love from anywhere easily.

How do you use the dating feature?

Just to be clear, there is no other application that you need to download for this. You can use it directly from the Facebook app. All you need to do is set up a separate profile for it. And Facebook just takes your name and age to this profile. Other than this, you will have to add your gender, the gender you are interested in, the location of the person, the kind of job they should have, etc. You can also add questions, ice-breakers, and images. Whatever you want to make the search much better.

Then, using your indicated preferences, location, and many other factors, Facebook then presents you with potential matches. You can also define the match criteria by mentioning if you want someone who goes to the same Facebook events or is in the same Facebook group.

And then you will be connected to this person. The only thing that you cannot see through this feature is your mutual friends as this is by default off for the Facebook dating service. In addition to this, Facebook used the dating service to also launch multiple new security and privacy features with the service in the USA. And to make it better, Instagram will also be integrated into it. 

When you want to get back to visit the profile that you created for Facebook Dating, it will be waiting as a tab within your Facebook menu. The messages of this feature have their own inbox where you cannot send images, videos, payment and so on for security reasons. In short, it has got everything you need from a dating app.

What makes Facebook dating better?

On the other dating apps, not only are the number of users limited but you are also forced to make a decision based on a profile that never changes. While on Facebook, users will be able to see the posts of each other both on Facebook and Instagram. You will be able to connect much better. Facebook dating will have a lot of security features where you can define the kind of people you want to date or connect with. Like, you can put off the feature of connecting with any of your Facebook friends or friends of friends. 

Additionally, you might be aware of how apps are trying to increase the safety of people who meet on the first date. For instance, people can share their location with their family or friends so that in case something happens, they know where to find the person. Facebook allows you to do that too by sharing the person’s profile and the hangout place with a friend through Messenger that too 15 minutes before you go on the date.

What are you waiting for?

With this feature, you can now find your partner. Check this dating service on Facebook today and share your stories with us here in the comments below.