Here’s the thing about money. You can never have enough. You need it to pay off your student loan or plan a wedding of your dreams or simply to have a better lifestyle. If you don’t have an immediate need, you can save it for your retirement life.
Now the question boils down to how. You may not have any idea about making a quick buck outside of your day job. Would you believe me if I told you there are easy ways of doing so? That too, from the comfort of your home. Besides, you won’t have to leave your day job and give up on perks like insurance and job security. The word is side hustling. It allows you to utilize your free time and work from the comfort of your own home. You can pursue your passions or hobbies and make a small business out of it.
Here is a list of opportunities that you can explore.

Online Tutoring

You can consider this option if you are academically strong. Several websites can connect you to students from kindergarten to college who are struggling with their studies. You can pick up any language like math, a foreign language, science or an advanced college subject. You can earn $20 – $25 per hour if you can sign up with a good website.

Online services

There are certain online marketplaces where you can bid for projects and provide services like website designing, graphic designing, video editing, digital marketing, etc. It is a great way to use your skills and make some extra money. Some of these projects are quite challenging and will look good on your resume too. Besides, you will also get a break from your routine job and can explore your options.

Virtual Assistant

Business owners, bloggers, and influencers need people who can help them with time-consuming jobs. These include posting on social media, managing calendars, vetting documents and preparing emails. The work is pretty simple but will require you to adhere to the deadlines. You can opt for this job if you are meticulous and have attention to detail.


This is another online marketplace that connects consumers to everyday tasks. There are several people out there who are so pressed for time that they won’t mind some help. The tasks range from cleaning, running errands, decoration, home repairs to more skilled work like staffing and assembling furniture. You can go through the list of tasks and register to make use of your free time.


This is for those who love clicking and editing pictures. Content is king and what is content without graphics. There are several websites where you can enlist your work and make some extra money by selling your pictures online. You can even explore food, product or wedding photography during the weekends and make an impressive portfolio.

Babysitting/Companion care

These side hustles will allow you to connect with other people on an emotional level. What’s best is that you can easily become famous in your area after a few successful sittings. You can also join a daycare for a few hours in a day if you want to avoid the logistics. Several older adults are otherwise healthy but need someone to complete their chores. It could include basic tasks like cleaning, shopping or mowing their lawns. You can even find yourself a good friend out of your work associations and even learn from them.

Tour Guide

This is a good opportunity if you live in a city that is frequented by tourists. You will need to familiarize yourself with the history and culture of your place and work on your communication skills. To go ahead with this, you can register with a local sight-seeing company and offer your services.

Writing and editing

This is for the ones who have a flair with words. The internet is a sea of write-ups and several clients are looking for skilled writers. If you have impeccable grammar and a good imagination, it is the best way to earn some quick money.