I am one of those women who always carries a bag full of things when I step outside my door. And to be honest, most women I know are like me. There’s a different sense of power and completeness when you step out of your door, knowing that your faithful bag has everything you could possibly need. From hygiene products to electronics, there are some things that every woman must ALWAYS have in her bag.

Read on for your guide to the things you should always keep in your bag.


A Makeup Pouch

No, we’re not talking about the giant pouch with all your lipsticks, gloss, powder, primer and all. All you need is a small pouch to help you with a basic touch-up over the course of the day. What you’re looking for is a small pouch with lipstick, mascara, and eyeliner. The eyeliner is optional since not all women use it. The lipstick should ideally be the shade you’ve used or a neutral shade that’ll go with whatever you’re wearing. These three items, all by themselves, can help you go from drab to fab, so make sure you always carry them!



I know it seems obvious. I know you’re thinking who leaves their home without a wallet. But you’d be surprised at how often people do that. A wallet doesn’t just mean money. The wallet also means identification and emergency cards. Your wallet doesn’t have to be huge either. Anything that can carry your essentials like cash, an identification document like a driver’s license, etc. is good enough.



Bad breath is often unavoidable. From the food you eat to a long day at work, it happens to the best of us. The best way to resolve bad breath is with some mints. And if you’re likely to head out for a date after work, then you absolutely MUST carry mints with you, in case the date goes well!



There is nothing that’ll make you feel more confident than knowing that you don’t reek. Body odor is natural, but it can very unpleasant for those around you and can affect your confidence as well. So always carry a perfume or a deodorant to keep you fresh and fragrant all day long.



Health is wealth, ladies. A sanitizer is the simplest way to keep yourself safe, be it from a sick co-worker or a questionable bathroom. Sanitizers are often available in easy to carry and small bottles. So grab one of these at the general store next time to keep yourself germ-free!



What’s the one common thing between sickness, makeup mishaps, food spills and a stressful day? They can all be fixed with a tissue! And if not completely fixed, they can go a long way in making the situation better. Make sure you always keep some in your bag, whether regular tissues or wet towels.


Sanitary Products

As much as we all love being a woman, no one can deny the horror of an unexpected period. Mother Nature pulled a big one on us with it, didn’t she? Oh well, there’s not much to be done, except to cope. Make sure you always carry sanitary napkins and tampons with you. If the sky falls down, you want to prepare, right? And these can help not just you but an unsuspecting friend or co-worker as well.


Sun Protection

Always carry sun protection. A sunscreen that keeps your skin safe is unbelievably important. Make sure you get the right SPF. Remember that sun protection is more than just sunscreen. Pick up a pair of sunglasses too, if you don’t have them already. Gotta keep your eyes and sight safe!


That’s it, ladies. Arm yourself with these essentials and you’re ready to conquer the world!