For far too long, the entertainment industry was governed and run by men in power but times are changing, and women are making their presence felt in every industry sector across the world. From being TV producers to fashion moguls to casting agents with a voice, women have come a long way and have many achievements under their belts. Here are a few of the women who inspire us to the core:

Anna Wintour, Artistic Director, Conde Nast

Anna Wintour is the Editor-in-Chief of Vogue since 1988 and is also currently the Artistic Director at Conde Nast, the house that publishes Vogue and several other magazines. Her punctuality is admirable– she is known to reach the fashion shows much before they start. In her honor, Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York named its Costume Institute after her in 2014. She is a powerful woman who has been delivering successfully for decades, anticipating fashion trends and supporting budding designers. And despite all her achievements and strong hold on work, she is open to the difference of opinions. She quotes, “I don’t like people who’ll say yes to everything I might bring up. I want people who can argue, and disagree, and have a point of view…”

Bonnie Hammer, Chair, NBCU

Bonnie Hammer is the Chairperson of NBCU and oversees the daily functioning of numerous TV channels that include USA, E!, TV One, and the Esquire Network amongst many more. What is as inspiring as her professional achievements is her involvement in social causes. She won the National Governor’s Emmy award for her work on the ‘Erase the Hate’ campaign that was designed to address vital issues such as discrimination in race and gender and religious tolerance. This Powerpuff lady doesn’t shy away from voicing her concerns openly. On turning 65, she penned a powerful essay sharing her concern about the way older women are perceived in the entertainment industry. She appealed, “Women in Hollywood should “rewrite the aging script.” Embrace the aging process, stop hiding from it, and set an example for younger women coming up behind them.”

Beyonce Knowles, Singer

No matter how much we talk and write about Beyonce, it is never enough. This brilliant lady has been shaping the lives of young girls and women across the globe through her music and empowering lyrics.
This multi Grammy-holder continues to shape lives and inspire us all every day, without fail. In addition to being one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, Beyonce is also a doting mother who loves to travel and meet people from different communities and professions. She also encourages young people to accept their imperfections to be able to live a fulfilling life. She says, “We all have our imperfections. But I’m human and you know, It’s important to concentrate on other qualities besides outer beauty”.

Katharine Viner, Editor-in-Chief, Guardian

Rising from the position of a write to the Editor-in-Chief is no ordinary feat, and Katherine Viner achieved that near impossible probability.
In addition to heading the Guardian in England, Viner also led the Guardian in New York and Australia. As the first female Editor-In-Chief, Viner not only has to stand-up for her journalistic principles but also ensure an increase in operating profits. Viner is a rational thinker who believes in weight the pros and cons before coming to a conclusion or a decision. Her appointment caused many in the world of journalism to question her credentials to which her response was “some people are a bit disconcerted that their boss is a woman.”

Shonda Rhimes, TV Producer, Screenwriter, Author

This lady is the brains behind brilliant shows such as ‘Greys Anatomy,’ ‘Scandal,’ ‘The Catch,’ and ‘How to Get Away With Murder.’ Rhimes also heads her own production company, Shondaland and has recently entered into a multi-million dollar deal with Netflix. If you’re an avid series watcher, you must have watched most of Rhimes’s shows, and soon you will be able to catch them all on Netflix. With all her creativity, Rhimes is also a powerful voice for gender equality and against racial discrimination. She believes there is no shortcut to success and if you’re willing to work hard and put in long hours, you will be successful. She once famously said “You can waste your lives drawing lines. Or you can live your life crossing them.”

These women at the top inspire us and empower us every day, showing the world that women in power make the world a balanced place.

By Smriti Paul

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