Every scuba diver has a list of the best places where they want to put their skills to the test and explore the seas. Around the world, many stunning sites have come up that offer thrilling scuba diving experiences. From diverse wildlife to historic shipwrecks, these sites have it all. So, if you want to go on an unforgettable scuba diving adventure, go through this list before you plan your next trip!

 Cape Kri – Raja Ampat, Indonesia


Cape Kri is world-famous for the amazing scuba diving experience that it provides. It has a coral garden that will take your breath away, for it is truly one of a kind. You can scuba dive here without much concern about the currents. There is a lot of biodiversities here too. You will be swimming amongst fish of various colors and sizes when in Cape Kri. You may come across yellow snappers, sweet lips, grey reef sharks, barracuda, and other types of sharks as well. The most recommended location to do your scuba diving is from Papua Diving Resort, but other locations won’t disappoint you either.



This scuba diving spot in the Egyptian Red Sea will take you back into history. This is a site where a cargo ship was wrecked during the Second World War. It was taken down only eighteen months after its launch. The ship was carrying many trucks, bikes, and train carriages as well. The cargo ship is about twenty-nine meters into the water. Although many tourists prefer to dive down here at night, early morning hours are also preferred by many. During the morning, you can have the site pretty much to yourself, as other boats won’t be around. The best way is to dive from a live board boat.

 The Yongala

This place in Queensland, Australia us yet another famous site to go scuba diving. You can admire and explore it from the outside only, as divers are not allowed to enter the ship. You can reach it from the Ayr township. Divers can spot a lot of different species of fish here, like schools of Barracudas, sea turtles, eagle rays, tiger sharks, and giant trevallies as well.

 Brother’s Island


This site for scuba diving is far more intense and difficult than many others. It is comprised of tiny Islands that are about five minutes apart from each other. They are said to be formed out of volcanic eruptions and can be described as steep-sided cones. Owing to the unpredictable currents here, divers are required to have engaged in more than fifty open water dives – only then will one be allowed to dive here. Apart from the erratic currents, there are regular shark interactions here. You will also come across fish like big pelagics and much other fish swimming by in schools. The site has many wrecks, reefs, and wall dives you can explore.

 Liberty Wreck


Bali is already famous for its great sites and perfect views on land. But it is just as exciting underwater as well. The Liberty Wreck is one such example – it is another relic from the Second World War. The Liberty Wreck consists of a 120-meter boat. It is situated just about 40 meters away from the beach. What’s more, the beach has little to no current either. Because of this, the local dive shops are willing to take beginners out for a dive too. You can spot a lot of wildlife here, like reef fish, turtles, and potato cod. The beach is surrounded by black sand and makes for a stunning view in itself.

 Kailua Kona


The Kailua Kona dive is stunning in a whole other way. Here, you will find planktons that light up the waters. It makes for a beautiful show. The currents can be a bit harsh at times, but for the most part, you can have a decent diving experience here. When it comes to wildlife, you will definitely get to interact closely with manta rays.

 Great Blue Hole


The Great Blue Hole is a scuba diving spot located in Belize. It is usually recommended to come here between April and June. As the name suggests, there’s a huge hole here that is surrounded by coral reefs. It is 143 meters deep. Many sharks and makos reside inside it.