Our ability to be produced depends on many factors. Aside from our will and motivation to actually do the job, there are plenty of other things that boost our productivity. Let’s take a look at seven of them:

 Keep your desk clutter-free


Having your desk filled with wrappers, empty cups, and stray papers is definitely not a helpful environment for work. Just like a clean room immediately puts us in a better space of mind, clearing out our desk can also help us achieve that same feeling. Look at each object you have on your desk and ask yourself whether you really need it there or not. Arrange them around your laptop or computer in a way that helps you easily reach the things you use the most. You can make use of filing cabinets and pencil holders to store your things too.

 Multitasking is counterproductive


You may think it is time-saving to get on a call with a caterer and finish writing an email to your client at the same time. But in reality – doing this will only lead to confusion. Our brains are not wired to give the best to more than one task at once – and that is okay. When you focus simply on writing that email or talking on the phone, you are able to be fully present during that one task. This helps you finish each task in a decent amount of time and avoid silly mistakes as well.

 Try not to have a heavy lunch


Heavy lunches are notorious for bringing down employee productivity. Oily foods, though they are extremely tasty, do more harm than good for you in the office. Even sugary foods are not good in this respect, because the energy they give you is short-lived, leading you to another craving in no time. They make you feel drowsy and lethargic, and unless your office has a nap room, it is very difficult to shake that feeling off. So, you can try having freshly cut fruits, granola bars, or light snacks to keep you active and focused on your tasks.

Give yourself breaks


Humans are not machines. We need time to rejuvenate and energize ourselves every couple of hours. And if you have a desk job, staring at paperwork or computer screens all day will only make you less productive.

Take a break of five to ten minutes from time to time. Take a short walk, stand in the balcony, or stretch your body. These things help restart your body in a way and you can get back to your desk with a better mood

 Break your tasks down


Take a look at your to-do list. Is it too ambitious? Is it realistic? Does it have tasks that read like “Complete case profile”? Writing big tasks on lists like these does not make you are more productive – it just stresses you out. A more practical approach would be to break your tasks down. By doing this, you are able to see at a glance all the tasks you need to go do.

Listen to some music


Light and peppy music has been proved to aid in productivity. Many studies have claimed that if you choose the right kind of music, you can actually speed up your work and be more alert too. They add something more to your work and make it less boring. Be it classical, pop, or country – keep the volume low, let it slip into the background and start with your day’s work.

 Manage how you handle emails and calls


The best approach to handling both these things is to assign a particular time of your day solely to them. This will help you take notes and add additional tasks as follow-ups in a coherent manner. If you keep shifting between tasks with phone calls in between, you will find it difficult to get into the zone for work every time.

You can put your phone on silent and mute your notifications to help you focus more.