The summers have bid their goodbyes and winters are already knocking on our doors. It is a known fact that winters can get rough in most parts of the country. With cold winds gusting outside and everything else buried deep under the snow, most of us prefer to stay indoors. However, a long spell of staying indoors can make anyone gloomy. This is where your winter decor can make a difference.

You can add interesting elements to break the monotony of the long spell of winters. You can use these tips if you are looking for some easy and pocket-friendly winter decor ideas.

Light candles

There is nothing more romantic than the warm glow of candles illuminating your house. The best part is that you can use a candle anywhere in your home. Whether it is at your bedside, washroom or dining table, a candle can light up any corner. Go for warm scented ones like vanilla or hazelnut to add another romantic element. For an attractive centerpiece, you can simply light a couple of candles on a wooden log or make a tea light log.

Decorate your mantel

There is nothing better for winter decor than having a fireplace at your home. You can make it the center of your decor and entertain your guests in that area. To get started, select a color theme for your mantel decor. You can go with a red and green theme for the holidays. Another option is to opt for a white and silver color theme. You can add interesting decor items like mirrors, garlands and antlers to add some zing to your mantel. Another good idea is to place a plant to add some color and life to your decoration. You can place a rocking chair beside your fireplace to make a cozy reading corner inside your house.

Add a little touch of winters

Try to add little knick-knacks here and there to bring the winters inside. For instance, you can add potted firs or snowflake ornaments inside your house. You can even combine these items to make an interesting centerpiece. Try to make it in a silver or a glass bowl. Add pine cones, winter flowers and some twigs for a pocket-friendly yet beautiful centerpiece. If you feel done with the traditional reds and greens, you can use other dark colors such as beautiful purple and browns. You can team them with metallic accents such as gold and brass for a more complete look.


Nothing spells winters better than a wreath designed especially for the season. You can use wooden shavings, old Christmas decorations, burlap, pine cones etc. to make your wreath. If you are looking for another DIY, get a small cane basket and put in your winter accessories for an easy wreath for your main door.

Use mirrors

Natural light is scarce is winters. You can expand its reach within your house by using mirrors on your walls. Try to place a mirror right across from a window to reflect the maximum amount of light. You can even make a wall gallery with different colors and shapes of mirror frames. If you have a console table, try to highlight it by hanging a mirror above it.

Add greenery

Green is the color of nature and can infuse abundant energy to your house. You can use the color in several different ways to spruce up your winter decor. Bring some indoor plants that can survive the harsh weather conditions. Another option is to place artificial greens in decorative pots and vases. You can even get a few twigs and sew them together in a garland for your staircase.

Use faux textures

To enhance the warmth of your house, you can use faux leather and sheepskin around your house. You can use it as a throw over your chairs and couches or as a mat on the floor.

Buy plaid

If I had to choose one winter essential, it would be plaid. Buy a throw, bedspread or cushion covers in plaid to spread some winter cheer inside your house.