Feng Shui is a popular Chinese lifestyle concept that has taken the world by storm. Meaning ‘Wind and Water’ in English, it is an art of placement that ensures harmony between a person and the surroundings.

It involves setting up your house in a way that allows easy flow of energies for a better fortune. Moreover, it can also enhance the prospects of good health and relationships in the house.

Although it may seem challenging at first, you can follow these easy tips to create Feng Shui in your home.



As per Feng Shui, Chi enters the house through the main door. An uncluttered and clean entryway can ensure that the energy has a good entry point in your home and life.

To begin, ensure that your entryway is as decluttered as it can get. Too many objects can block the free flow of energy. After decluttering the entryway, ensure that you clean it regularly. Shake that doormat and dust the main door along with other things.

Apart from this, make sure that you use your main door as frequently as you can. The more it will open, the higher will be the chances of good energy coming into your house.


Commanding position

You will often hear Feng Shui experts talk about this. It defines how you place yourself and your furniture in your life. When you are in a commanding position, you can expect positive energies to flow towards you.

In Feng Shui, the bed represents you, and the study desk is symbolic of your career. The stove, on the other hand, represents your wealth. A simple way to arrange these objects in your house is to ensure that you can see your door when you are using them. However, the door should not be in line with the furniture. Ideally, they should be placed diagonally opposite the door. If this is not possible, you can place a mirror such that you can get a constant view of the door.


Create space

Clutter can disrupt your thinking and slow you down. Feng Shui believes in creating space by decluttering your life. The free space in your house is symbolic of new opportunities and possibilities. To begin, you can clear your cupboard, desk, kitchen etc. with things that you don’t need anymore. Letting them go means you are creating space for something else. Don’t be too concerned if gets full again. After all, this is the cycle of life, right? You can pick up a new space this time and cleanse it for your advantage. You can also fix your organisation techniques to resolve this situation. For instance, make a fixed space for your papers and waste etc.


Balance the five natural elements

Feng Shui places a lot of attention to balancing the five natural parts in our surroundings. Fire, water, earth, wood and metal comprise these elements. Make sure that you have them in a balanced way in your home. You can use orange or red colour to symbolise fire. Similarly, you can bring home a fountain to replicate the part of the water. However, make sure it is placed such that the water is always flowing towards the centre of the house. Moreover, the personalities of the housemates play a crucial role in arranging these elements. For instance, a person lacking ambition needs more fire elements in the house.



Plants are the symbols of life energy that can connect us with nature. Moreover, plants can strengthen the presence of the element, wood, in your house. Wood represents vitality, compassion and empathy. Besides, the colour green is considered to have healing properties. Thus, plants are considered to be important elements in Feng shui. Although there is a list of good Feng Shui plants that you can refer to, the key is to get those that are easy to maintain. Also, make it a point to remove dying or spiky plants.