Who isn’t scared of pain? Most women are afraid of getting their ears pierced because of the pain it might cause. Although quick and easy, some people just don’t want to deal with the pain. For others, the fear of infections and diseases is a reason enough to avoid piercings.

Whatever your qualms, the lack of a piercing doesn’t mean you can’t dazzle up your ears! If you haven’t already heard, ear cuffs are back in trend and these are just the thing you need. Ear cuffs are like bobby pins. All you need to do is slide them onto the exterior edge of your ear and you’re ready to go.

Ear cuffs were a huge fashion statement in the 90s. But this edgy accessory has come back into style to become an accessory essential. So the next time you walk past an accessory store at the mall, don’t hesitate to step in and get one for yourself. Ear cuffs are available, whether big or small and in a variety of designs. Pick something that you’ll be comfortable with and matches your style. Some ear cuffs can be a little heavy so it’s best to buy something that won’t be too heavy for you. So, start small.

How to Wear an Ear Cuff

The first thing for styling an ear cuff is wearing it. While these look adorable, wearing an ear cuff properly is one of the trickiest things about it. Not wearing one properly can make things very uncomfortable and very painful. So here’s how to do it.

The first thing to do is to figure out the thinnest part of the ear. Usually, the upper portion of your ear is the thinnest, so start right at the top. Once you’ve put it on at the top, start sliding it downwards slowly. Be slow as you slide it down so that you are able to identify when the cuff reaches a spot that is comfortable.

Pair it up!

Ear cuffs are available in a variety of sizes and styles. Already have a piercing? Fret not, since smaller and simpler ear cuff can be paired up with other earrings. Ear cuffs look the best if paired up with simple drop earrings, studs or hoops. The trick here is to make sure that both the items of the accessory are simple and complement each other.

Helix Ear Cuffs

These are the closest way of getting the look of a piercing without actually piercing your ears. They resemble the back clip earring and super easy to style. You can wear multiple helix ear cuffs close together if they are simple ones to get a multi-pack look. Styled with jeans and sneakers, this is the easiest trick to get an indie-rock look.

Double Chain Ear Pin

These are super trendy and very fashionable. With 2 clip-on connected with 2 chains, an ear cuff in this style makes every outfit stylish. Depending on the color combination of your outfit, you can opt for either golden or silver colors for this accessory.

Mind the Hair

To get the best effect with any ear cuff, make sure to let it be the focus of your look. The best trick for doing that is very simple: tuck your hair behind your ear. If you have sleek or straight hair, just tucking your hair will do the trick. For messy or unruly hair, shift the focus to your ear cuffs by putting them in a cute up-do or a half up-do. Open hairstyles can overpower the ear cuff.

Spikes, Crystals & Embellishments

If you have no piercings and want to go all out, embrace the bigger ear cuffs. Crystals or spikes, bigger ear cuffs that envelope the outer ear are super trendy. Worn on just one ear, with your hair in an up-do over a dress or a gown, these are literally perfect!


This trend is the easiest way to add effortless style to your outfit. Just remember to make sure that the ear cuff matches your outfit and doesn’t look out of place!