Bored with some clothes but don’t want to throw them away? The life of cloth doesn’t always end when you’re bored with it. There are thousands of stores and organizations that work to reuse old clothes by donating them among the needy. Dropping clothes with these organizations is one of the easiest ways to give them a second life. But a more fun way is by reusing them to make things for your home

Make a Bag from an Old T-shirt!

For this, all you need is an old t-shirt, a pair of scissors and a washable marker or drawing chalk. For the shirt, one with a thicker and sturdier fabric will be a better fit. Here are the steps:

  • If the t-shirt has sleeves, start by cutting them off. To make things fast, fold the shirt in half adjoining their sides and cut off the sleeves together.
  • Cut the neckline of the shirt.
  • After turning it inside out, determine how deep you want the bag to be and draw a line across the shirt where you want the bottom.
  • Sow along the line you’ve drawn at the bottom to make the bottom of the shirt.
  • Alternatively, you can cut the fabric below the drawn line in 1 cm wide strips. Take two strips, one from the front portion of the shirt and one from the back and tie them together. Once all the strips have been knotted once, take adjacent strips and tie them up as well. This way you will have secured the bottom.


Make a Quilt or a Blanket

If you have a lot of old t-shirts lying around, this can be the perfect DIY for you! Old t-shirts can be great for making a patchwork quilt or blanket. Not only will it be bright and colorful, but it will also make for a conversation piece and till definitely spark lots of memories every time you use it. All you need are A LOT of shirts, a simple sheet, thread, and a sewing machine.

  1. Start by cutting your t-shirts into squares or rectangles. Make sure that the pieces you have after the cutting are equal-sized.
  2. Once cut, stitch them together till you have the right size.
    1. This can be a little complicated, so the simplest way is to start by stitching them in columns. Take the pieces you want in a column and stitch them together with their bottom and lower edge.
    2. Once you have multiple columns that add up to the size of the patchwork quilt of blanket you want, you’ll see you have long strips.
    3. Now stitch these strips together from the sides till all the shirts form one large piece of fabric.
  3. Take the stitched up shirt fabric and line it up with the spare sheet you have. Stick them together along the edges.
  4. To get a neater look, hem the edges with a thin strip of fabric!


Use Old Socks to Make an Air Freshener!

I know it sounds like a joke, an air freshener with a Sock? All you need is some potpourri and a sock without holes. If your sock has a lot of holes, just cut out the part with the holes. If this cutting leaves the sock open on both ends, close one end. To close, you can stitch it simply. Take some potpourri and put it in the sock. Once you’ve put in a reasonable amount, close the other end. To close here, you can stitch this well. For people who are not comfortable or confident with the stitching, just knot the open end of the sock as close as possible to the potpourri so that it’s not too loose. That’s it, you’re done!


You can also use old clothes to make rugs, coasters, wall decals and so many things. Make sustainable choices in and around your house. Not only will you help the world, but you’ll also make your home cute and personalized. Nothing makes a house more home-like than personalized items of décor.