Pancakes are a trademark New York City delicacy. Be it at brunch or for breakfast, the fluffy goodness of pancakes never disappoints. And what’s more, there are so many restaurants in and around New York that serve the absolute best pancakes in all shapes and sizes. Let’s take a look at these restaurants and their most drool-worthy takes on this classic breakfast item:



Starting the list off with a good old’ stack of pancakes, we have Bubbies. Their pancakes can be easily called comfort food, for they are as filling as they are delicious. You can choose from two options – the James Beard variety of the sourdough one.

The former comes in stacks that are sweet and fluffy. The pancakes in the sourdough version are thinner and tangier. When it comes to flavors and toppings, they have five amazing preparations. You can have the blueberry, caramelized banana, and toasted walnut whipped cream with chocolate syrup, Nutella with berry jam, or the fried chicken and bourbon maple syrup one.

 Mom’s Kitchen and Bar


If you are looking to have some fun pancakes, then Mom’s Kitchen and Bar is the place to go. One of their pancakes styles has fruity pebbles in the batter – and if that were not enough, it is also topped with whipped cream, maple syrup that has a sharp berry flavor to it, and of course, fresh berries as well.

You can also have the Mac and cheese version. This one comes with cheese sauce and uses honey that has Cholula hot sauce added to it.

 Chez Ma Tante


A slightly different and crispier take on pancakes, this worthy addition to our list will have you asking for more. When you order pancakes here, you are essentially signing up for a plateful of salty-sweet delight, with a perfectly crispy yet fluffy texture.

The pancakes here owe their famous crunch to how they are almost blackened and charred. Apart from that, they are made using more egg yolks as compared to whites. When topped off with French butter and some Vermont maple syrup, this version becomes so irresistible!

Clinton St. Baking Company


Known for their excellent pancakes all over New York, you have some waiting in store for you if you come here. Their pancakes are classics, for who can go wrong with blueberry pancakes? If you know someone who does not believe in the magic of pancakes, bring them here – the banana walnut version or even the pancake with chocolate chunks will have them rethinking their beliefs. Come here for a lazy brunch or breakfast, and prepared to be wowed.

 Sunday In Brooklyn


Do you love taking pictures of your Sunday brunch? If yes, Sunday In Brooklyn has just the Instagram perfect pancakes for you – even the decor is simply aesthetic here. Their hugely popular pancakes have to be the malted ones. It will be tough to find pancakes as delicious as these with the same mid-20th-century charm. They are tipped with hazelnut maple praline sauce. You will get three pancakes in a stack for an order. They are a bit small in size but are quite filling, nonetheless.



Tom’s offers a more homely experience. They have a bunch of different pancake preparations and all of them are a hit with the nearby locals as well as tourists. This place has chocolate chip, lemon ricotta, and silver dollar versions done to perfection. You will find long lines here during peak hours, but if you don’t feel like waiting till Sunday, come here for a pancake party any time of the week – with friends, kids, or all by yourself.

 Café Luluc


This is a cafe with heavy French influence. Located near Cobble Hill, you can have the trademark pancakes that have a doughnut-like aspect to them. They use real maple syrup, and the pancakes are topped with powdered sugar as well. Come here before 10 am, and you can escape the long wait time.



Norma’s serves the most cloud-like and fluffiest pancakes in town. Make your way here any time of the week and order from their rich menu. They serve delicacies like the Super Blueberry, Country style buttermilk, or for Banana Macadamia But Flapjacks.