Every woman’s body is unique, just as she is unique. There’s nothing more beautiful than a woman who is confident and comfortable in herself. For many, an important of gaining this confidence is finding the clothes that suit your personality and your body shape.

Styling your outfits according to what suits you is important, and it is often a challenge for many women. All clothes do not suit all women. The simple reason behind that is that there are various body shapes which your body may resemble. Some clothes suit a body type better than others.

This article will help you identify your body type so that you can style yourself accordingly! Get hold of a measuring tape and measure the width of your shoulders, hips and bust. Take these measurements while standing in front of a mirror in your underwear. More layers will make the measurement inaccurate, and the mirror will help to make sure you’re measuring correctly.



This body shape is also called straight or banana shape. If your measurements for the bust and hip as well as hip and shoulders are the same, this is your body shape. The waist is defined just a little and tummy size is also average. The best styling advice with this body shape is to wear something that defines your waist and adds curves.



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This body shape is also called the pear shape. When you take your measurements, if your bust and shoulders are more narrow than your hips, this is your body shape. Your waist will be well-defined will full thighs and hips. The most important styling tip for this body shape is to wear clothes that broaden your shoulders, to balance your look. Clothes that accentuate your waist look the best, so opt for wraps, empire lines, etc. Puffed sleeves, boleros and cap sleeves are also good choices.


Inverted Triangle

This body shape is also called the apple shape. As the name implies, it is the opposite of the previous shape. So, if your hips are narrower than your bust and shoulders, this is your shape. Your waist will not be very well defined and your shoulders will always seem squared. Here, it’s best to wear clothes that define your waist. Go for belts, since they will add curves at your waist. Add volume with clothes in the lower half of your body and dress your upper body neatly.



This body shape is also called the Oval shape. When you look in the mirror, if your hips and shoulders appear narrower, with a bigger bust and full midsection, this is your body shape. Apart from this, most women with this body shape have well-defined legs as well. The most important part of styling yourself in this shape is to avoid adding details to your middle portion and bust. Add details around your shoulder and below your hip. Whatever you wear at the bust and midsection should preferably be fitted.



This is the body shape where the waist is well defined and the shoulders and hips are broad when you compare to the waist. In addition to the well-defined waist, this body shape will also have a well-defined bust. This body shape is very flexible. The clothes you wear should be ones drawing attention to your waist. You can add details to highlight your upper half or bottom.

These are just broad body shapes. There are many other body shapes which are variants of these, derived from these shapes. For example, the hourglass body shape can be better approximated to a top hourglass or bottom hourglass. If you lose or put on weight, check your body shape once again. Different women gain weight in different parts of the body, which can change your body shape.

Styling yourself can be a fun experience. Don’t hesitate to experiment and try clothes you haven’t tried before. This the advantage of being a woman, whatever you wear, you’ll always be beautiful!