Do you feel your life becomes too stressful to handle sometimes? Do you wish for a calmer and more relaxed life? Did you know that decluttering your house is the first step towards decluttering your mind? Many people across the world have benefitted from Marie Kondo’s way of decluttering and organizing their houses. It is particularly useful for those who don’t know where to begin and how to go about it.

You may not afford Marie Kondo or her consultants to guide you through this arduous task of organizing your house. However, you can certainly use her rules for tidying up your house. Once you begin on this journey, there are good chances that you may not find yourself in this situation ever again.


Declutter your home

Before you organize your house, it is essential to declutter your home. If you don’t, there are good chances that you will end up with a messy home again in no time. It is the letting go of things that will eventually lead to a tidy home and a stress-free mind. Once you learn to let go of material things, you will be able to let go of petty and irrelevant thoughts.


Take pictures before you begin the process

This step may seem questionable as you may not want to click your messy house. However, this is an important part of Marie Kondo’s tidying process. These images will remind you in the future of what things used to be. You will be able to assess your progress by revisiting these images. The before and after versions of your home can become your inspiration when you feel less motivated to clean the mess.


Clean by category and not rooms

Most of us take one room after the other when we start cleaning the house. However, Marie Kondo has a different technique when it comes to decluttering your space. She suggests that you must handle your items according to the category that they belong to. Furthermore, she says that you must begin with your clothes as they are the most personal items. To get started, collect all your clothes into one big pile to get a bigger picture. Once you have cleared this pile, you can move on to other items such as books, papers, miscellaneous items, and sentimental items; in that order.


Let go of articles that don’t spark joy

Marie Kondo’s fundamentals are as clear as crystal. Her method is more about letting go than about cleaning. Once you have collected your items into the pile, hold each item one by one and assess if it sparks joy in your life. It may seem absurd initially, but you will get the hang of it. Moreover, Kondo encourages you to focus only on the task at hand, which is cleaning. She forbids attending a phone call or listening to music while you are clearing out the mess. It is this focus and concentration that will bring you happiness. Once you start comparing, you will get more clarity about what is useful and what is not. An important point before you let go of any item is to hold it lovingly and say “thank you.”


Fold and stack your clothes the Marie Kondo way

Marie Kondo recommends folding the clothes instead of hanging them. She has a specific way of folding the clothes that you may want to refer to learn. Also, she suggests that stacking your clothes in a file system instead of the traditional stacking system. When you stack them, you may lose sight of your clothes at the bottom. Moreover, there are more chances of messing the piles. Kondo’s method of folding and stacking will help you in spotting all your clothes in one go. There are also lesser chances of messing up the display.


Deal with your sentimental items at the last

Pick up your old pictures and scrapbooks only after you have cleared everything. Once you start going through them, time will fly even before you know it. Clear out all the mess to know where you can keep your emotional items of value.