In our modern fast-paced lives avoiding stress is a task worthy of Hercules. Tough deadlines and nagging bosses are just the beginning. So when you come back home after a long exhausting day, it’s only natural to want to do something to de-stress yourself. Settle into an evening of Netflix and chill. Or just pull out that book you’ve been meaning to read and the wine that soothes your nerves. 

But before that, why not take a long relaxing bath? Drawing a de-stressing bath is very easy. All you need are a few simple ingredients from the grocery store. Armed with these, you’ll be sure to have a bath that’ll leave you rejuvenated. If you’re looking for a basic detox and de-stressing bath, just gather up a handful of Epsom salts and half a cup of baking soda. Just adding these two to your warm water bath will relax your muscles and leave you soothed.

For more specific recipes, read on!



This will be one of the simplest baths to fix up. All you need is one to two cups of Apple Cider Vinegar (quantity depends on the amount of water you’re using). The important thing here is to remember to use raw, unprocessed apple cider vinegar. The processed one does not have, ‘The Mother’, which is an essential element. To check for it, take the apple cider vinegar in a transparent container and hold it against the light. If you see brown webbed stuff floating, you’ve got the right variety. Add the appropriate amount to your bath water and soak your body for up to 30 minutes. 

You’ll probably sweat a lot both during and after the bath, so keep yourself hydrated. at all times. Aim for at least a liter of water in the entire time. 


This is another simple one for you to try. The only ingredient is Ginger and warm water. You can either use ginger powder or just grate some ginger you already have. There’s no fixed quantity, so you’ll have to try it out, depending on the amount of water and your body. Soak for 20 minutes.

A ginger bath will also cause a lot of sweating. So make sure you keep yourself hydrated. After the bath, wear a bathrobe or some other cloth you don’t mind sweating in. 


This what you need:

  • Epsom salts (1 cup)

  • Baking soda (1/3 cup)

  • Coconut oil (1 tablespoon)

  • Chamomile tea (2 tea bags)

  • Lavender Essential Oil (6-8 drops)

Tear open the tea bags and add them to a bowl with the other solid ingredients. Once mixed, add the essential oil. You can store it in a container for future use, but make sure it has a tight lid. 3-4 tablespoons should suffice for a single-use, but you can always add more depending on your requirement. 


Here’s a list of the things you’ll need:

  • Epsom salts (1/3 cup)

  • Sea Salt (1/3 cup)

  • Baking Soda (1/3 cup)

  • Ground Ginger (2 1/2 tablespoon)

  • Apple cider vinegar (1 cup)

Just like the previous recipe, mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl first. Thereafter add the apple cider vinegar. You can add a few tablespoons to your bathwater, depending on the quantity and mix it with the water well. You store the rest in a container with a tight lid and use it later. 


With such baths, it’s extremely important to keep yourself hydrated. They are soothing since they eliminate the toxins from your body. You may sweat, so keep a bottle of water to keep sipping from. Make sure you don’t spend more than 30 minutes in the bath. You may feel a little dizzy when you step out of the bath, it’s completely normal. 

These baths are extremely relaxing. So best go for it right before you sleep. We guarantee that you’ll be asleep before your head hits the pillow!