Cooking with the help of technology makes life easier, and more fun. Check out these seven unbelievable kitchen appliances that are on the way to revolutionize how we cook.

Waffle Maker

We all love waffles. They are the perfect start to our day and give us all the energy we need. But if you get the batter wrong and it does not cook well, you know your morning will be ruined just as easily. With a good waffle maker, you can rest assured on that front. It will give you waffles with just the right amount of crispiness around the edges. And because you will be using this device a lot, you can also splurge a little with no guilt.

Smart Blender

Can’t get enough of smoothies? This smart Blender is made for you. You can pair it with your phone through Bluetooth and begin on a whole new journey of making smoothies or blending things. The blender comes with an app of itself, which allows you to update and modify your grocery lists. You can see for yourself how many calories, etc. are present in your favorite smoothies too.


BottleLoft is a plain genius. Our fridges always seem to have very limited space. If you are someone who loves to store glass bottles for beer etc, having some extra space in your fridge would be so helpful. You can thank the makers of BottleLoft because they made it possible! This product holds bottles together with magnets. You can hang standard six-pack bottles on the ceiling of your fridge. This allows you to use the remaining area or floor to store other things.

 GeniCan Scanner

If you are looking for a much fancier appliance to spruce up your kitchen experience, the GeniCan Scanner is s great point to start from. This scanner is a smart device, that is, it can be connected to your phone in an instant. So, what does it do exactly? There are times when we throw away empty bottles of ketchup, etc. without no replacement. With the help of this product, you can avert that problem easily. The scanner has to be attached to your trash can. The next time, you can scan your trash can fully and know what exactly you need to buy. You can also use its voice control features to do the same.

 Avocado Slicer

Avocados are fun to eat. We can use them for a variety of sandwiches, rolls, smoothies, etc. But taking out the seed from a ripe avocado is not a simple task. With this product, you can cut an avocado easily. You can split the avocado, pit it, and slice it too. So the next time you are craving avocado toast, the whole process will look way simpler and less messy. You just have to wash the avocado, use the slicer on it, and go about with your toast.

 Automatic jar opener

For a lot of us, opening a jar is not that easy. And when you are up in the middle of the night looking for a snack, a jar that will not open can be a total menace. Other times, we unintentionally close a jar way too tightly. If there is no one at home to open it, you will have to forget those peanut butter cookies for a while. If you related to any of this, automatic jar openers are just for you. You can also add it to your grandparents’ kitchens as well.

 Snap-on Strainer

How many times have you spilled pasta all over the sink while straining it? With this innovative strainer, that will be a thing of the past. All you have to do is attach the strainer to the edge of your pan or bowl. Then you can drain the water and move ahead with your pasta recipe without the worry of spilling anything over. 

Now, you know all that is required about these kitchen appliances. So you can see for yourself which one you will make the most use of and order it today!