Break the booze cycle for these brilliant benefits

“An alcohol-free weekend, or a booze-free couple of days,” I hear you say? “Well, what’s the bleeding point of that?” Granted, it might not seem that good from the outside but hear us out, as we unlock the benefits of giving the booze a miss once in a while. Things won’t go amiss, we promise ya, quite the opposite in fact – have a gander!

A clearer head

For a generation that practically lives for the weekend, and totters and drags itself from one to the next, setting the bottle aside once in a while could help you sort your life out. An alcohol-free weekend or two could help you take a step back, look at where you are in life, and pause to see if any course correction or changes are called for. What’s more, this time affords you the opportunity to take key, life-changing decisions, and know at once that it isn’t just the booze talking. This makes even more sense when you realize that the lack of time during the week hardly affords you any opportunity to do any meaningful thinking.

Slumber deep

As you might have experienced every now and again, a dozen or so shots sounds simply stupendous in the moment, and may even keep you euphoric for longer. However, like almost any sort of excessive drinking, this feeling lasts till you’re pretty much out for the count. As you might have also noticed, you always end up feeling groggy, tired and unrested after an evening of heavy drinking. Now, that’s because the booze interferes and ruins with you REM sleep – this leaves you clinging to your bed for dear life when you wake up! Now, while a drink or two might act as a good nightcap and can send you off to the land of Nod for a good night’s rest, almost anything in excess will have the opposite effect. Here’s a hot tip, drop the booze for a weekend and catch up on some sleep!

An overeating feat

Ditching the bottle now and then, besides doing your bank balance a world of good, may also keep your waistline and weight in check. Besides the considerable calories that go in liquid form, you also tend to let a lot of food get into your mouth when inebriated. Don’t trust us? Keep an eye out for this next time you’re on the binge.

Open the door to discovery

Most weekends descend into the same antics for most of us that are partial to a few drinks or six. The agenda is most probably set – you’re there to drink, everything else and everyone else is by the by. The inevitable conversations and experiences during the session seem to happen on an endless loop of sorts, giving you more than a sense of deja vu every weekend. Besides, as experiences go, they’re fairly hemmed in and one dimensional. Anyway, don’t you think you should drop the sweet excesses in favor of something different, even something more edifying or wholesome? It could be a trip to the theatre, a visit to a long lost friend or relative, some charity work and more.

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