A little bit of inspiration never hurt anyone, right? So if you are looking to get inspired this Halloween, we bring you a selection of the best that Pinterest has to offer. No ‘plagiarism’ intended 😉

If you are the kind of mom who likes to keep it simple, you will love this DIY No Sew Ninja Turtle costume.

We simply couldn’t take our eyes off this colorful and fun unicorn dress. Just the thing to make Halloween more vibrant.

Who says babies can’t partake in the Halloween fun? This is one easy-peasy costume that mothers of newborn babies can easily craft. And it comes with a cutesy message too.

When mommy sits down to make a Mummy costume, the result has got to be fantastic. Kids will love this super eerie, easy to create costume.

Whether you have boys or girls, this jellyfish prop is awesome for any age and any gender. Spice it up with a plain outfit and a cool trick or treat bag.

This one is so easy to make that you will wonder why you never thought of this yourself! Perfect for a school Halloween party too.

Try your hand at this lovely owl costume if you have some time to spare and are adept at sewing.

Turn your kid into a quirky coke bottle with this one. Innovative yet simple.

Khyati Shah

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