Who doesn’t want glowing skin? Everyone likes to pamper themselves and do a few things just for themselves. And including things in your daily routine to pamper yourself is something most women enjoy. Yet, our busy lifestyle and schedule don’t always allow us.

So in this article, we will take you through a few basic things that you can do every day before you sleep to further this desire. Believe us, just a few moments of self-pampering is all it takes to make your way to great skin!

The Face

The skin of your face needs more care than that in most places. Just think about it, most parts of your body remain covered most frequently, and so the skin is protected. The skin here gets more damaged. This is why you need to take extra care of this. So here are a few things to take care of the skin on your face before you sleep. We can assure you, your skin will thank you by glowing!

  • Remove any makeup before you sleep. This is the most important thing for giving yourself a healthy skin. When you sleep, the skin, like the rest of your body, detoxifies and cleans itself out. For this, the pores have to open up and let out the toxins. So if you sleep with the makeup on, your pores will remain clogged and the toxins and wastes will not be eliminated properly. Result? All of it accumulates under your skin and gives you the skin enemies: breakouts & acne!
  • Once you’ve removed the makeup, wash your face. You can use a special face cleanser to tackle a particular skin type or problem you’re facing. A simple face wash with gentle cleansing does the trick for most people. Once washed, apply a little bit of toner. Just dab some onto a little bit of cotton and apply all over your face. Toner is important since it balances the pH level of the skin.
  • Eye Cream is love. They say, “the eyes are the windows to the soul”. Plus, the eye around your skin is even more delicate. The best way to take care of this skin is by treating it to eye cream before you sleep. Eye cream prevents wrinkles and moisturizes this skin!
  • Tie your tresses. I know, open hair is so much prettier! But your hair and produce their own fair share of oils. Plus over the course of the day and the time between washes, your hair can accumulate quite a bit of dirt. Keep this dirt and oil far away from your clean & healthy skin, by doing this tiny step. Keeping your tied when you sleep also keeps them from getting entangled and your hair will be more manageable in the mornings!

And Other Parts?

No, we didn’t forget the rest of your skin. The other body parts where the skin suffers the maximum exposure and needs pampering is the skin of your hands and feet. So here’s what you should do.

  • Hands: Before you sleep, wash your hands with warm water and mild soap. Once you’ve dried your hands, dab on some hand cream. This will keep your hands moisturized and leave you with super soft hands. Make sure that the hand cream you use is not too greasy.
  • Feet: Moisturize your feet. Whether when you shower or even if with a simple wash-down, clean your feet before you sleep. Use slightly warm water and pat them dry using a towel. Once dried, moisturize them with lotion. If possible use petroleum jelly, since nothing is better to combat dryness.


The most important part of a sleep time beauty regime is getting proper sleep. You could use any number of beauty products, home remedies or any skincare regime. None of that will be of any use if your body does not get enough rest. Without sufficient sleep, you will find yourself battling under-eye bags and dark circles. So make sure to get between 7-9 hours of sleep to bid adieu to your skin hassles!