Everyone wants to stay warm and healthy, especially in the winter. Unfortunately, winter is the one season when it is the hardest to remain so, bringing with it running nose and hacking cough. Of course, a strong immunity suggests the ability to crest the wave and emerge victoriously. Even upon falling ill, it is easy to bounce right back, and that too, super quickly. It’s always fun to have some readymade tips to improve your immunity to battle the winter.

What people need to understand is that it is purely your lifestyle that determines your immunity.  The following lifestyle options have a high probability of boosting your immunity.


Nutrition and Diet

Nutrition can highly affect immunity. One may find that common winter ailments such as cough, cold and sniffles can be easily done away with using spices such as turmeric, ginger, black pepper, nutmeg and star anise.  Two or more of these, used in tandem as the ingredients of a tea, can work wonders for your immunity.


Keep Moving

Keeping your immunity up is the ‘Piertotum Locomotor’ of winter. Move your bodies to get the blood flowing. This will spread the nutrients and immunity-boosting elements across the body. Get to jogging, stretching and doing yoga. Invert your body to cleanse toxins. Run around to pump your heart. Get the WBCs up and running by conducting physical activities, all for the sake of building your immunity.


Sleep Well

What does anyone like better than to crash, anytime, anywhere? Just like a charger is your phone’s best friend, a couple of Zzzs are yours. Sleeping helps the body cool down and nurture the growth development of WBCs. Sleeping adequately is one of the biggest aspects of improving your immunity.


Emotional Connection

Emotions can actually be one of the greatest deciding factors in your immunity’s development. All negative emotions including sadness, anger, jealousy, and resentment act on your immunity like a knife in the sternum. High stress equals higher production of the cortisol hormone. It is highly harmful as it shuts down the health-boosting functions of the body. Suitable means of increasing positivity like happiness and love need to be ingrained into life. Be it meditation or human connection, or even puppy therapy, try to increase the positivity in your body and mind.


Working on Deficiencies

Having surplus Vitamins and Minerals feeds the immunity. B Complex, Vitamins C, E, and D, Iron, Zinc and Selenium balance out the body. Most micro-nutrients are well cared for in a balanced diet. Yet, certain deficiencies remain, which need to be worked on. More focus needs to be laid on this. Boosting Vitamin D3 is the equivalent of boosting immunity. The Sun is a great source for it but isn’t exactly the most reliable during Winters. You might also want to get a jump on pumpkin seeds and oysters. These are a huge source of zinc, which is mostly overlooked yet is highly prized.



A myth worth breaking: all bacteria are bad. Not true. One must realize, the gut needs certain good bacteria. Thus, we need to maintain a balance amongst the good, and the bad. Eating yogurt and pickles is good for improving the balance and quality thereof.


A Spicy Tea

Grinding 10-12 basil leaves, ½ a teaspoon of ginger and boiling them in 4 cups of water to half the volume produces a brilliant concoction. Some raw honey may be added for the purpose of sweetening. Not only is this a wondrous immunity booster, it even works like a charm for cough and cold. If warm, this concoction makes for a delicious tea.

Besides these, one may find many foods that are extremely beneficial in boosting immunity. If you need a quick fix and don’t have the patience to go about brewing, try to consume Pumpkin, carrots, lemons, onions, gooseberries, honey, nuts and seeds. Coconut oil and loose-leaf teas are also very beneficial.

All in all, the whole point of immunity is the health and, as we all grew up hearing, health is wealth. So please remain wealthy to be fine and dandy.