Mood swings are natural. Bad moods and the unhappy cloud are something that hit everyone. Very rare are those who are constantly optimistic, happy and upbeat. A majority of the human population still consists of people going from happy to sad every now and then. Sometimes, this bad mood may jump you unexpectedly, rain on your happy day.

So what do you do when the rain comes? Do you stand there and let it ruin your day? No, you pull out an umbrella and go on living your life. So in this post, we’ll take you through some bad mood umbrellas. A quick fix to get you up and moving!

Journal/Write it Down

This is the one piece of advice that we swear by. And this perhaps the most common piece of advice, which is why it gets ignored. It seems pointless to write about the things that are bothering you. In fact, many people prefer to avoid thinking about the things that are causing the bad mood since it brings the matter into focus. However, journaling works differently. When we write about something, we understand its better. Taking the time to sit and write makes you think about what you’re feeling and experiencing. This helps you understand not just what you’re feeling, but also the cause behind it.

Journaling regularly also helps you to understand and recognize patterns in your behavior. You develop a better understanding of yourself, your triggers and your reactions. Eventually, it helps you to anticipate a bad mood depending on your experiences. And when you can anticipate a bad mood, you can prepare yourself to deal with it!

10 minutes at the end of the day to write your overall happiness level, your observation on the things that made you happy and/or annoyed and the triggers for these. If you experience a sudden trigger, just write down the thoughts and feeling in your head, you will feel so much better.

Pamper Yourself

Giving time to yourself can be the perfect remedy. Set aside some time for yourself, daily and weekly. Even something as simple as pampering your skin some home-made lotion of face products. As a weekly self-pampering moment, head to a spa. For sudden mood swings, pamper yourself with the food you love or music you enjoy. Is there a candy you love? Keep a small packet of it in your bag. You see, when it comes to the mood, just the way the smallest of things can trigger a bad mood, the smallest of things can fix it as well!

Stop Trying too Hard

Go easy on yourself. When feeling low, it’s not unusual to beat yourself up about feeling low. If the low moment comes while in a pleasant situation, we tend to be harsher on ourselves. Do not do that! That puts pressure on an already pressurized brain. When you feel low, don’t try to cover it up or bury it. Burying negative emotions never goes well. Rather, accept what you’re feeling and let the emotions pass through you and out of you. Excuse yourself for a little while, head to the bathroom and give yourself a break. The pursuit of happiness can be just as exhausting. So don’t overdo it. Give yourself a break, love!

Sleep Your Worries Away

When you go through a low, sometimes pulling through can be tough. If you are in a position where you can sleep it off, go ahead and do that. Often, your irritation, bad mood, and lows can come from exhaustion. So take the time to pull yourself together and recuperate from the bad mood!


Highs and lows are a natural course of life. Most of us prefer to grab a drink to drown the unhappiness or to head to our favorite stores. But with these recommendations, you’ll feel a lot better, not just for a moment, but for a much longer duration. You see, true happiness and contentment come from inward satisfaction as opposed to tape and glue!