Thanks to YouTube and Vloggers, people around the world no longer need expert makeup artists to get a flawless look. They’ve made it easy-peasy to ensure the perfect look. As inviting and easy it may seem to go from drab to fab in 5 minutes, with a highlighter and foundation, it can be much trickier. The most complicated makeup mistakes can be related to makeup brushes, the kind of blender you’re using and even the kind of lighting you apply your makeup in.

Here are some mistakes you must avoid to make your way to a flawless look easier!


Is Your Foundation Shade Correct?

Before it comes to choosing the right shade of foundation, it’s important to get the right concealer as well. Most people invest in the perfect foundation but still don’t get the look since the concealer is either wrong or not used at all. The concealer helps to properly layer up the base.

To make sure your foundation is the right shade, the best trick is the patch test on the inner arm. To check best, it’s better to choose 2 shades that you believe are the closest to your skin shade. Try them both right next to each other to find the one that suits you the best. Another great way to check the shade is to check it directly on the part of the skin you’ll use. For a foundation, check by applying on your cheek close to the jawline. For concealer try under your eye.


Use the Correct Moisturizer

It is unbelievably important to prepare your skin properly before you apply any makeup. For any makeup to look good, it’s important to keep your skin as healthy as possible. The best way to do this? Use the correct moisturizer for your skin. Identify your skin type and choose the right type of moisturizer for it.

Applying a moisturizer is one of the most important things since it will keep your skin from flaking. Makeup applied on flaky skin looks patchy and does not get applied evenly. One good way you apply it properly is by adding a little bit of essential oil to it and to use a blender or a sponge.


A Proper Test Before You Buy a Lipstick

We know it seems easier to test a lipstick with a simple patch test. But doing the typical patch test is probably why your lipstick shade seems off no matter how thoroughly you check it. Just like a foundation or concealer, to get the perfect match, you need to check it where it goes: your lips.

Now, we also know that doing a lip test for lipstick can seem terrifying. So here’s how to go about it properly. First of all, if you’re going makeup shopping, always carry a sanitizer and wipes. When you’re using the testers, ask the store assistant or the shop girl who’s assisting you to sanitize it for you. Most respectable places keep sanitizers, but can’t hurt to ask them again. If there are no makeup sanitizers, you can still do it on your own. For a lip pencil, simply sharpening it does the trick. For lipstick, you can wipe it or dap it with a normal wipe or sanitizing wipe. That’s it, you’re ready to try!

Pro tip: When shopping for a nude lipstick, pick the color that is closest to the color of your nipple, it’s the best one for your skin!


Check the Lighting

Having the right amount of light at the place where you apply your makeup is just as important as selecting the right shades and colors. When doing your makeup, make sure the light illuminates your entire face evenly. The next important thing is to try to use a light which is a mix of yellow and white. Both of these things can affect how well you’re able to blend your makeup.


You’re armed with the biggest and most important secrets of makeup ladies. Hit the town with flawless makeup!