All actresses aren’t born equal. Some have an innate sense of comic timing (think Meg Ryan), some bring glamour and gravitas to every role (vintage Michelle Pfeiffer), and others have an intensity that burns through the screen (the lovely Angelina Jolie). And then there are some who we just can’t typecast- they are convincing in many different kinds of roles, wowing audiences in each avatar.  These are the leading ladies who’ve made you laugh, cry and applaud, time and time again.

They inspire envy, effort, and lists of performances that you absolutely have to watch.  This one has mentions of what they’ve achieved in different genres.

Anne Hathaway

She has it all: doe eyes, pouty lips, dimples and an Oscar. If you’re a fan, you must have seen the films mentioned here already. If you’re not, get ready to become one.

Comedy: The Princess Diaries

Anne is cute, funny and lovable as Mia Thermopolis, the teenage misfit who discovers she is the Princess of Genovia before her 16th birthday.

Sci-fi / Drama: Interstellar

Dr. Brand’s character is as different from Mia’s as it could be- she’s confident, restrained, and driven yet Anne plays her just as naturally.

Action: The Dark Knight Rises

Many actresses have played Selina Kyle a.k.a. Catwoman, but few have been as graceful and sexy, even in the action scenes.

Emma Stone

Her unique looks and enviable filmography make Emma stand out amongst her cookie-cutter-faced contemporaries.

Musical: La La Land

When the role is of an aspiring actress, you know there will be some incredible performances on display. But Emma brings more to the screen a singing voice that’ll wow you with its freshness.

Comedy: Easy A

This amazingly intelligent teen movie has Emma playing Olive, a young girl who takes an unusual route to her 15 minutes of fame in high school.

Drama: The Help

Hers is not the most intense performance in this brilliant film, but it’s her subtle, nuanced and impactful acting that makes this a must-watch.

Uma Thurman

Uma has the Brad Pitt problem. Her looks distract you from her acting talent, but you can’t help admiring her performance in these gems.

Drama: Dangerous Liaisons

Way before she became famous for her long legs and glamour, Uma put on a short but memorable act as Cecile in this Malkovich classic.

Comedy: My Super Ex-Girlfriend

Uma’s rendition of the insecure, obsessive, and somewhat crazy superwoman is delightful and lovable.

Action: Kill Bill

Uma shows more muscle in this fast-paced action flick than Brad does in most of his. Watch it to believe it!

Drew Barrymore

In a career that spans more than three decades, Drew has tried her hand at almost every genre and aced them all.

Action: Charlie’s Angels

Drew brought the face of an angel and the moves of a martial arts master to the role of Dylan Sanders, badass detective.

Comedy/ Romance: Ever After: A Cinderella Story

You MUST watch this progressive version of the fairy tale, which has Drew’s character carrying off the Prince on her back after rescuing him from gypsies.

Drama: Miss You Already

Catch Drew Barrymore in this drama about two best friends caught in conflicting circumstances, on your next girls’ night. Warning: You may need a box of tissues or two.

Emily Blunt

With her pretty-girl-next-door looks and considerable talent, Emily has found herself cast in roles as diverse as they were memorable.

Action: Sicario

Blunt’s performance as an idealistic FBI agent who takes on the might of the Mexican drug cartels is riveting, to say the least.

Comedy: The Devil Wears Prada

She’s hilarious as the starving editor’s assistant, who’s addicted to fashion.

Drama: The Girl On The Train

Watch both of these Blunt’ films back-to-back, and you’ll find it hard to connect the prissy editor’s assistant with the incoherent alcoholic who thinks she has witnessed a murder.

By Sweta Vinod

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