When it comes to comfort, there is no match with Russian cuisine. They are a lot of varieties of Russian food available all around the world. Not many people know about the fabulous dishes the Russian have, so today we will spread some light on the scrumptious Russian cuisine. Apart from this, Russian cuisine has a great value in terms of cultural influence the food has. Apart from Russia, the cuisine is influenced by the Middle East, Asia, and Europe.



Borscht is the love of the entire Russian population. It can be prepared in several ways. Owing to its popularity among the Russian population people have their versions of this fabulous soup. But the most basic thing about the soup that it contains is beetroot. It is the main soul of the soup. Beetroot at the first look is not liked by many people, especially to someone from a foreign land, but beetroot tastes good if you have the soup once then there is hardly any chance that you will not like to have it again. Beetroot is rich in vitamins and minerals. It is a very delicious soup. If you are a person that believes in having a healthy and heavy lunch then you can go for this beetroot soup. It is an overload of meat, cream, and veggies. You can also add other eatables as per your choice.



Do you like cabbage? Or do you hate cabbage? In both situations, we have something for you that you will love if you like cabbage or this soup will make you fall in love with cabbage if you don’t like it. The Russian soup Shchi uses cabbage as its main ingredient. Depending on the choice of people, some use sour cabbage and some fresh. In each case, you will get an erotic taste. What does the dish have apart from cabbage? Do not think that the dish only contains cabbage, it also contains several things such as chicken, carrots, and potatoes to make it nutritious and yummy.



Solyanka is a kind of Russian soup with which you can experiment a lot, in which you can delete things or even add things of your own choice. You can either make it in your modern way or a traditional form, you will always remember the beautiful color of the soup. The soup uses different kinds of meats such as ham, sausage, bacon, etc. although you can add vegetables of your wish to the soup, the traditionally found vegetables include cabbage and potatoes. To add a little citric taste to your soup, you can always garnish it with lemon.


Beef Pirozhki

Finally, we have a Russian Cuisine that is not the soul. Pirozhki are stuffed pockets. They are liked by the Russian people a lot and even by foreign visitors. The other place apart from Russia where you will find these stuffed pockets in abundance is Ukraine. Whether a person likes it fried or baked, both options are easily available. Generally, the stuffing is done with beef but the stuffing can also be replaced with cheese, cabbage, etc. as per your choice.



There is not a person who will not crave for desserts at some point or the other. If you are a dessert lover then this Russian desert can light up your mood. It is loved for its softness as its main ingredients are honey and cream. As one can always shift from the traditional way of making a dish and therefore, several different versions of the dessert are available in the Russian market itself.



Pelmeni is a national dish of Russia. Traditionally, they are made of minced meat that is covered in dough. It tastes awesome and is compatible with butter and cream. This dish is the most loved out of all other dishes.

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