Do you love traveling? Have you ever tried camping? These are some questions travelers are bound to answer the inquisitive audience. There is a big difference when you stay in a tent or a hotel. Staying in a tent means you don’t have control over the weather and things might not go as planned. But the rush it generates is a far better experience than hotel stays.


Campers get to see the blue sky, feel the fresh breeze and are as close to nature as possible. But it’s not easy to just go camping. There are a lot of things which you must have if you plan to have a peaceful camping journey. Below we have listed 9 items that will make your camping trip the best that you’ve ever taken!



Now a camping trip is incomplete without a tent. With compact packing, a tent can fit in a small bag. But please ensure that you’ve checked all poles, stakes, etc In case you don’t have a tent, rent one online or choose a vendor that provides tents themselves on the campsite.


Sleeping Bags

In case you didn’t know, sleeping bags can fit in even smaller bags which are light and easy to carry. Carrying these can also give you a close experience to nature.


Insect Repellent

We believe this is one of the most important things about camping. Having insect repellents is good for you so you don’t get various bites, irritation, and infection on your skin. Also, because it’s just a small spray or bottle, it will not be heavy at all.


Sunscreen and Sunglasses

We agree this could well as be in the list of Toiletries but had to spell it out separately as, after Insect repellents, this is very important if your campsite is out in the open. With sufficient sunscreen, your body will not get more tanned and also save your skin from any drastic effects.


Adequate clothing

Clothing is very essential and hence looks for getting clothes that cover you well. A jacket will be of help as it can not only protect you from insect bites but also keep you warm in cold conditions. Get an extra pair of clothes if you plan to take a dip in the pool/river.


Cooking Essentials

If you are planning to cook as well, then getting the essentials like a knife, tongs, foil paper, match sticks and also a set of plates, bowls, a mug, and some cutlery will be enough for everyone in the camp to have a good dining experience.


Stove and Pans

Apart from the cooking essentials, you would need the 2 most important things i.e. a stove & a pan/pot. Depending on what you plan to cook, you can decide whether a pot will be required or a pan. A good stove will help you make your food warm and tasty.


Storage Bags

Just because we are close to nature doesn’t mean we behave rudely. Ensure you take a bag or a bin especially for storing all waste items in it. With this, you ensure that the environment is clean and nothing is dirty. You can have an amazing camping experience and also save Mother Nature.


Miscellaneous things

Lastly, there are a few more items that we listed here because they aren’t compulsorily required. You can carry a hammock with you and equip it on the campsite if there is space. You can also take card games to enjoy the evening under the stars!


So if you love camping and are looking for an adventure, check out our post and be camping-ready. Is there anything you feel we missed on our list? Do you have any suggestions on what we can implement in this post? Then please send us your kind comments and share this post with those who are planning to go camping. Subscribe to our blog and stay tuned for the latest updates on Travel!