If you are in the USA or are planning to be there for your vacation any time soon, then there are some things that you should not miss. One such thing is the food festivals here. There are multiple numbers of festivals that take place all over the country and all year round. And even though all are great, there are some you should be a part of if you are visiting.

Below shared are some of the great food festivals in the USA that would save you from missing out on the savory and sweet snack in the sun if you are in the city:

Ballard SeaFoodfest

In the Pacific Northwest, there is a land that has the best quality seafood and fish. And to celebrate this, the people here started the tradition of celebrating the Ballard SeaFoodfest since 1974. You can enjoy the local dishes like oysters, chowder, tacos, crab cakes, and Salmon along with some live music. To add on to this scene in Seattle, you can also enjoy the refreshing barely-pop which is FREE. So, if you are in Seattle, do not miss out on this.

Portland Picnic

Portland is known as America’s hipster capital and is highly popular for its great street food. And any celebration here isn’t complete without a proper day-party. So, if you are in this city, then well, you need to visit the Portland Picnic, which is an all-day wine-tasting festival. There will be other delicacies like salmon, sushi, tater tots, and specialty chicken with about 100 distinct wines. Do not forget to take your water bottle as it will be a long day.

Vermont Cheesemaker Festival

Vermont has always been known for Bernie Sanders, and Ben & Jerry’s. But it is also known for a rich history of quality cheese production. In fact, the state has 40 cheesemakers per capita. They all come together to celebrate the cheesemaking in Vermont in August. So, if you love cheese and are here, do not miss this festival where you can have cheese and wine, cheese and anything you want to have.

Food & Wine Classic in Aspen

Colorado calls in all the celebrity chefs to display their talents in a Summit County making a three-day celebration. So, if you are closeby, you can visit the city and enjoy the best dishes from celebrity guests.

Maine Lobster Festival

This festival keeps Christmas in July going on in Maine. This festival has made a part of the community of Rockland since it began in the late 1800s. So, if you want to have some great lobster roll and enjoy the beauty of the city in the summertime, you should visit this festival.

Copper River Salmon Jam

Having Salmon is great, but why not have it from the source of where it comes. The Copper River in Cordova, Alaska is the source, to be exact. And being a part of the Copper River Salmon Jam foodfest would be something you will remember your whole life. Eat all the fish you want here and learn everything about the culture during the fest.

Cheese the Day, Rochester

Another cheese festival that takes place in Rochester, NY. So, if you are not able to visit the other cheese festival, this is the one you can visit. Enjoy your mid-summer day filled with loads of cheese accompanied by craft ciders by Blue Toad Ciders. Visit this festival and you can then thank me later.

Taste of Chicago

Yes, every city has its own taste and yours might be great too. But if you really love food, then Chicago is a fairyland for every foodie. And when the foodfest begins, you can enjoy all the great food Chicago has to offer during that time. You will also be welcomed with awesome drinks to compliment the food, along with some music and a disco.

Sacramento Taco Festival

Northern California is the home for most of the Mexican food in the country. And to celebrate this, there is a Sacramento Taco Festival every year. If you are a fan of Mexican food or just want to try it out for the first time, this is a must-visit fest. Do not worry as the fest will be in a beautiful garden and your food will be complemented with beer.