It’s been a while since a show like Sense8 rattled our brains. We say this understanding the kind of exceptional content that has been present on Netflix for ages. This series would surely give Black Mirror a run for their money. Such was the concept that people all over the world got hooked on to the story of the 8 central characters.

What we liked about the series is their portrayal of each character and their emotions. But we won’t give out any spoilers, don’t worry! Here are 8 reasons why you must watch this epic show Sense8.


Firstly, imagine that one day you wake up and realize that you are connected to 7 people and they are also connected back to you. Yes, what you feel, they feel too. Every single feeling and emotion will be shared among all.

What we liked about this show is that the story is based on 8 different individuals who are a new breed of humans called “homo sensoriums” that are connected and can feel, speak, think what the other person is going through.

Cast Diversity

The 8 central characters of the show are from different nationalities. Oh yes! You will see 8 different countries, 8 different people going through the same thing every time they connect.

What we like about this show is how they have brought the authenticity of 8 different places on Earth. There are different cultures, emotions, and languages being used in the show which will surprise you every time you watch it.

Exploring genuine individuals

There’s a lot of genuineness in the entire show. Whether it’s the love life or profession, everything is quite different and hence gives the show a new feel. As for love, you will find a transgender, homosexual and straight actors living their life to the fullest.

What we like is the genuineness each individual brings to the story. It gets better with each episode!

Surprising moments

What surprises us the most is the elements in this show. Each character can use the skill set of everyone in their cluster. Don’t be surprised if you find an Indian speaking Chinese or a German-speaking in Hindi!

There are so many skill sets each character possesses that in a few episodes you will start enjoying them!

Unique Storyline

Fast-paced! That’s what the story will be throughout season 1. We suggest you to grasp as much information as you can. Also, understand the concept so it gets easier to relate to every situation.

What we like is how they make it fun for us as viewers to understand who does what and how they try to co-exist together in this world.

Emotional connections

Imagine if you are sad and have no one to talk to. Life can get difficult. But not for our 8 special characters as when one is sad, they can talk to the remaining and feel better. There’s so much they can do with these powers.

What we like about Sense8 that is how the emotional connect brings each character closer.

Breathtaking Direction

As a viewer, we can never understand what the director might go through trying to get each episode shot with 8 different characters and show each in one frame! It’s a task and hence we salute them for their epic efforts. With each episode, you will love the direction even more.

Forgetting stereotypes

We have seen a lot of shows where one character will say “I understand your pain”. Sense8 takes it a step ahead and shows it in a real way. Right from menstrual pain to the feeling of heartbreak, a man can feel it all when they’re part of one cluster. Isn’t that amazing?

So what do you think about this show? Does it interest you?

Have you watched the show already? If not, then will you watch it?