If we speak about this broadly then, eco-tourism is the concept of minimizing our impact on the earth while we travel and avoiding mass tourism. In fact, it can also include the improvement of the lives of locals. This is something that you should always consider when you are creating a trip to go out of your country. 

The main idea of traveling sustainably is becoming popular in many tourism industries around the world. And if you are planning to go to New Zealand, it is the same here. You can be an eco-friendly traveler here as well as you opt for eco-friendly experiences. Here are some of the eco-tourism experiences that you can opt for when in New Zealand:

Go Diving

If you are visiting the Poor Knights Marine Reserve, then you should know that it provides an incredible marine environment that is perfect for diving. In fact, it is filled with fascinating marine life and colorful fishes. Just remember that you are not allowed to fish when here or take any souvenirs back home. So, respect the rules here as it is a reserve.

Hike at Tongariro

Is there anything more exciting than hiking? Well, if you are a fan of hiking and want to have the best experience of it, then head to Tongariro National Park when in New Zealand. It holds some of the best treasures of New Zealand. And it completes the Tongariro Crossing. You will be able to see the views which are highly unique and you will feel like you are in another part of the world. 

Encounter the Marine & Wildlife

Another place you can visit is the Kaikoura. It is filled with the most fascinating wildlife, both in the sea and the land. In fact, if you get here, you will have many options like watching the whales, swimming with the seals, or getting close with the pods of the dusky dolphins. Just keep a safe distance from the animals unless told otherwise. 

Sea Kayaking at Cathedral Cove

If you are at Cathedral Cove, then the best way to explore the place is by kayak. Enjoy the beaches and islands here and take in all the beauty around you as you kayak. 

Soar over Glacier Country

Explore New Zealand’s untouched landscapes and beautiful scenery with mind-blowing photo opportunities. Take a helicopter ride to the vantage point atop the Franz Josef glacier. And once you are down, enjoy the quad bike riding and the local scenic trails. 

Visit Mount Hikurangi

If you are a fan of history and culture, Mount Hikurangi is the place for you. Take a tour with the locals and learn all about the place as you explore the mountains, view its iconic statues of Maui and his family and visit the Maori meeting house. While on this tour, remember to be respectful to the Maori customs such as taking your shoes off before entering the marae. 

Cruise in Milford Sound

Do not forget to visit Milford Sound on the south side of New Zealand. It is a great place for tourists. Go on a cruise here with your friends or family, and you will love it. In fact, you will learn the importance of preserving the environment. Enjoy nature and wildlife here as you take pictures to make memories.

Explore Rotorua

Rotorua is a sustainable tourist’s paradise due to its incredible geothermal activity. This means that it is the best place to enjoy the natural environment. You will love the mud pools and the glaciers here. But ensure that you are careful as you explore. There is a nasty 100°C water there that you might fall into if you do not take care.

Additionally, take a Canopy tour when you are here. The visitors can easily explore the forest by getting on a zip line. And by being a part of the tour, you will help the company in funding the conservation program aimed at protecting New Zealand’s native fauna. Before you enter here, make sure your shoes are not dirty so that it does not harm the delicate ecosystem here. 

Wrap Up

New Zealand is a sustainable place. To enjoy the best of it, visit the above-mentioned places to enjoy the eco-tourism experiences.