New Year’s is a celebration that many people love to participate in with full energy and aplomb. If you relate, look no further. This list offers you the eight best destinations in the world where you can make that come true. You can dance, drink, eat, cruise, and enjoy the fireworks as the old year comes to a festive end. Read on to know more.




London is known to go all out when it comes to New Year’s celebrations. If you decide to come here for the occasion, you are guaranteed a fantastic time for sure. You can take in the beauty of the fireworks that will up in the sky at night with or without a ticket. Go to St. Paul’s or even all the Monument areas you’ll find in London, where fireworks are a famous sight. For those of you who prefer a quieter night out with no crowds around, the river cruise would be a great option. There are also many restaurants here where you can bring in 2020 with a spectacular view of the sky and a hearty meal.


Melbourne, Australia

Yarra Park and Victoria Harbour – these are the two main attractions if you are in Melbourne for New Year. The festivities here bring in around half a million people every year. The former is where the party starts, so to speak. From there, people usually head over to Victoria Harbour to soak in the light show that is full of vibrant colors. If you are in the mood for some live performances, Melbourne won’t disappoint you – plenty of dances and music acts take place for New Year’s.


Paris, France

The most remarkable New Year’s celebrations in Paris take place right at its most famous landmark – the Eiffel Tower. The fireworks you’ll get to witness here in the City Of Love will be one of a kind. You can book a splendid cruise along the Seine River or party at Montmartre’s plaza – both are great options when in Paris at this time of the year.


New York City, New York

The celebrations for New Year’s that take place in New York definitely happen on another scale of energy and fun. The first thing on the list here is, of course, Times Square. Gather around the Square with your friends and loved ones for a great time. For one, you will get to witness famous artists perform melodies and peppy tunes. And the biggest attraction after that is the iconic ball that is dropped each year at the One Times Square.


Bangkok, Thailand

This is a city that is known worldwide for its terrific New Year’s celebrations. If New Year countdowns are your thing, be sure to visit Asiatique in Bangkok for the same. You can party in the fun beer gardens here and dine at the fancy rooftop eateries that dot Bangkok. It is also famous for the brilliant concerts, light shows, and fireworks.


New Orleans, Louisiana

The main attraction of the celebration in New Orleans is all about the fireworks. The most popular fireworks show goes on for around fifteen minutes here near the Mississippi River. Bring some blankets, cozy pillows, and food for an unforgettable picnic. Apart from that, the nightlife here is also worth trying. Go to the French Quarter and you can dance the night away – literally.


Valparaíso, Chile 

Valparaiso boasts of a stunning twenty-minute firework show that brings in loads of tourists and locals each year

If you want to party during New Year’s eve, go down to Plaza Sotomayor de Valparaiso. The Igles La Matriz, a majestic church is all decked up for New Year’s. The lights and decorations are definitely worth a watch. You can catch some wonderful street art if you opt to go on a walking tour of the city.


Barcelona, Spain

Watch the breathtaking fireworks light up the sky when you visit the Barceloneta Beach here. If you get there early enough, you can secure yourself a place near the marina as it has the best view. It will make for an unforgettable memory. Take part in the numerous street parties from Plaza Catalunya to Plaza Reial. You can also cheer along to the enthusiastic countdowns taking place.